Speedplay / Wahoo March 16, 2021 Announcement [Power Meter Pedals?]


Are we finally going to see power Speedplay pedals soon?


Gravel specific pedals.

Per Phil…


Power meter seems REALLY unlikely based on that particular model/image.
Not sure where you’d hide the guts and battery with the same Zero size and shape of old?

Could be different models with power, but that will be one hell of a packaging job if that does power, IMO.

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Pretty sure it’s just a streamlining and renaming of models.


Yeah, I have absolutely no idea. It’s curious why they would need to stamp Wahoo on the front. Advertising I guess but it does seem unique, I guess. Figured maybe someone here might know something if there’s something to know :man_shrugging:

Says it’s ‘something big’.

Images look slick. I’d settle for a weight reduction across the board, but a power meter version would be the hypest cycling release this year.

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  • Well, they bought them out and presumably want to have them sold under the same umbrella name, like Garmin does with their acquisitions?

  • Obviously, that is not concrete for everyone, as SRAM has tended to keep some identity and individuality for its purchases, so there is more than one approach here.


Yeah, the advertising aspect makes complete sense. I guess it was more, as @Shrike noted, the “something big” aspect makes it seem like something new would be incorporated. @dcrainmaker posted about the acquisition back on Sep 24, 2019 so it seems like the obvious combining of Wahoo + Speedplay would be a weird “something big”


Here is the link to the design that Vector did for the Speedplay Zero pedal. This was 10+ years ago, but it looked like a great design at the time.

[Interbike: New Vector power meter from MetriGear - BikeRadar]

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222g for the new stainless steel? Old ones are 206g

Guess they’ll try to claim it’s justified as the new ones are more aero. Saves you 1 second over the old version if you ride around the globe.


Interesting design to have the metal ring around the pedal.

  • Better for side to side stability?
  • Will it still work if you pedal strike hard deforming the metal?

Dear Wahoo: Bring back Speedplay part #13345 please. Thank you.

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I could have used that. I just bought new pedals for the cleats and pedal bodies alone. Should have waited two weeks.

Hopefully, they’ve found a way with 10 years of newer technology, to come up with a design that doesn’t rely on an external dongle.

Dear Wahoo,

Please just start shipping the existing Speedplay parts.

Thank you.

I tried to order some replacement cleat covers a while back. Contacted Wahoo directly and they told me I had to buy them through their retail partners. Contacted half dozen retailers. None had them in stock, nor could/would order them. Contacted Wahoo again and they were :man_shrugging:.

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The original Speedplay design had an all-alloy body and it held up fine. I still have / ride my original pair from 1992 and they are great…despite one crash where the side of pedal got ground down as my bike skittered across the pavement.

Also, pretty sure it is impossible for the pedal to strike the ground with Speedplays…your shoe would hit the ground before the pedal.


It’s about to drop apparently. Power meter Speedplays available for sale in a few months. Will see the marketing material do the rounds shortly, maybe even tonight.



Cool. With power coming, I suspect the smart people who know where to dig (FCC) might be able to dig up some info and pics, like I have seen done with other tech gadgets.