Wahoo speed play powrlink

I am looking for a new power meter on my tt bike.

For years I have used the shimano spd-sl pedals. But I really like the look of the speed play zero aero.

The powrlink pedals does not have the fancy aero cover.
Is this replaceable?

I can’t find it online

That pedal is no longer available….but the power link pedals come with the aero cleats.

As a pretty big aerogeek, I think the benefit of the aero benefit for those pedals was dubious, at best.

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I think* you can swap the standard dual-sided body for the aero one. You’ll need to buy two pairs of course, but you’ll be left with a standard pair that you could sell on. But as Power13 said, the aero gain is pretty small.

*not 100% certain but I can see no reason why not