Wahoo Power Meter Drops power intermittently

A little Back story, I am brand new to smart trainers (3-4Weeks) and relatively new to using a bike as an actual training tool (2 Years). I’ve Been a high level athlete for many years and have switched over to cycling for less contact stress on the body.

I am having issues with my Wahoo dropping power intermittently. I have only used Erg mode so far and I can often hold my power at 90-105RPM while in 52T/11T. I don’t feel my pressure on the pedals changes and my cadence stays the same but the power will cut out completely or drop 30-40 watts at times. My trainer also drops power when I am going from a high FTP to a recovery valley. I have also had 3-4 rides where the unit almost locks up for a split second and then starts up again.

Any help on how to avoid this or is it pretty common place? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @N8O0714 check in with the TR support team. They have a number of steps that they will go through with you to identify which device is dropping out (i.e. is it actually the trainer) and can work through some steps to resolve from there.

With a bit of TR support troubleshooting you should be able to remove or greatly reduce the issue, it worked for me. Best of luck.

(In my experience, direct connect > bluetooth > ant+ with regards to dropouts and stability)


Second this. I had drops on Ant+ signal between my cycle ops hammer and garmin 500. Bought a new ELEMNT bolt and started using Bluetooth, which completely resolved the issue. Switch to Bluetooth if you have the option

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