Power (reported value) drop

Had something strange happen on a threshold workout last night. Using a wahoo kickr in resistance mode my reported power value dropped as the workout progressed. My cadence and resistance level was constant. Effort also felt same as before the drop.

Anyone else ever see this?

Hey @grega! Can you send me a dm with your email address or username associated with your TrainerRoad account? I’ll take a look into this for you :slight_smile: .

Without having looked into your account, I think the first thing to do is to check that the connection between the TrainerRoad app and your trainer is strong.

Then I’d like to take some steps to ensure your trainer is working well.

How to Improve the Connection to Your Trainer

How are you pairing your trainer to the TrainerRoad app? If possible, I suggest pairing via Bluetooth as opposed to ANT+ as it tends to offer a more stable connection.

Here’s how you can strengthen the connection between your trainer and the TrainerRoad app:

  • Closeout of all other apps/programs that may be running in the background - This will make sure there are no apps that could be interfering with TrainerRoad. Additionally, we’ll want to make sure our devices are completely unpaired from any other fitness app.

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.

  • Turn off battery saving settings on your device.

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.

Troubleshooting the Trainer

  • Unplug the trainer when not in use - This will make sure we don’t see any odd power corruption occur next time we go to ride.

  • Make sure to calibrate the trainer every time before riding - This will ensure the trainer’s internal power meter is reading correctly. You can do this from the TrainerRoad app. Check out this article here to learn how to do that.

  • Keep up with the trainer’s firmware - This will ensure the trainer is interfacing with TrainerRoad on the latest updates recommended by the manufacturer.

Give those steps a shot and let me know how you get on with your next ride :+1:

Hey Sarah, thanks for the quick reply.

I learned my issue was in a spindown calibration. While I thought my KICKR was spinning down it actually wasn’t (was using Wahoo’s spindown, not TR). I noticed the spindown seemed to stop prematurely. I disconnected/reconnected everything. Reran a spindown and everything seems happy now. So word to the wise, get good spindowns and calibration as a watt may no longer be a watt. :-). Mine was definitely off by 25-ish. Cheers.