TR Power Gets "stuck" ... cadence and time keep on moving

3 of my last 5 works (MacOS Catalina) have forced me to exit the workout because the Trainer POWER does not change when it’s supposed to, yet the workout TIME and my CADENCE continue properly.

I haven’t found a way to correct it or move on … so I end up exiting TR (which saves the workout) and restarting. I have been unable to start the same workout again and move my ‘position’ to where Ieft off, so I either have to re-ride what I already rode OR pick a different workout that is similar to what I would have ridden if the app didn’t malfunction.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing crashing so regularly, we hate to hear about technical issues disrupting your training like this. To troubleshoot these performance issues, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team at They have the ability to look through your log files and pinpoint exactly what went wrong, and they have the experience to help you prevent it from happening again.

In the event that you do experience a crash though, you have a couple of options. If your workout was able to save, open the partial workout up in your career and click the three-dot menu (…). Then, select “Resume Ride” and you can jump back in where you left off.

If the workout wasn’t able to save, you can scrub ahead to where you left off using the following procedure:

I hope this helps!

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Did you go to devices and tryed to recconect the powermeter connection?
Sometimes I loose power and that way it never changes. The device is trying to recconect but it doesn’t get it. I’ve got do disconnect manually the device and recconect it again. No need for me to exit TR.


Which powermeter(s) do you have? I’ve had it happen before when powermatching my Assioma Duos to my KICKR where KICKR essentially locks up and the power gets stuck. Usually occurs when going from low (100-140W) to high(240-300W) and vice versa. Running in ERG mode.


Happens to me sometimes as well. Like SSaldanha, I just go into my devices, disconnect the power source by clicking on “forget device”, then immediately reconnect the power source. No need to restart entire app.


I have experienced this today - power stuck during interval (90 to 95%), also cadence and HR as well - but resistance stayed at 90÷. After restart everything was back to norm. I am using latest beta on a PC.

I had this happen the other day while using a new CABLE device with iOS TrainerRoad app and a Neo 2. I assumed it was the CABLE.

Exactly the same. What is your power source and you’re setup?

I’m using a kikr core and a laptop with ant+ dongle. The trainer is just about 1 meter away from the ant+ on the laptop. Sometimes this happens just once or twice during the training others happens over 5 or 6 times and some trainings it doesn’t happen at all.

It started happening before the end of 2019 and on the first month’s using the trainer and trainerroad since juin 2019 it never happened like this, only had before from time to time some power loses but with recconection beeig done automatically after a couple of seconds. And on those ocasions the power dropped while now it keeps steady until I recconect it manually.

I’ve had this happen twice before as well, but haven’t been able to reproduce it. But when it happens, I just stop and let the trainer spin out and then start pedaling again, that fixed it both times.
I 'm also on Mac OS Catalina, with a Wahoo Kickr Core and Powertap P1 pedals, both coupled via ANT+, with an extension usb cable underneath the bike.

PS: I use the beta app

My set up is the exact same as yours, but I use 2 ant+ dongles and run TR and Zwift simultaneously on split screens. The power only freezes up on me this way about once every 2-3 weeks. Best regards.

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Since when do you have this problem? I suspect that has something to do to some firmware or app update on November or around that month. Hoping it goes away in a next update… Quite annoying and even destroying some trainings if you are full gas in the end of a série waiting for a power decrease to catch a breath and there’s no power decrease automatically as it should happen, having to hold that effort a couple of seconds more until recconecting manually.

Hi Bryce
i had this same problem yesterday while doing “Clark”. The power on screen was stuck at 630 watts while i chugged away in sweetspot for another 8 minutes. I stopped the workout and restarted it - problem solved.
I got a hell of a new power PR though :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want me to send any more data to help troubleshoot it.

Sorry, but I can’t recall how long it has been happening for me. It just hasn’t happened that often. It seems like it has happened occasionally since last summer, but I could easily be mistaken about that.

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If you could report this to our Support Team at, we would love to be able to take a closer look.

We try to keep track of each user experiencing a bug because it allows us to more effectively track and resolve the issue, so we would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just took care of this! Thanks for the reminder.

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Hey @apexsheila,

Did the support team fix the problem?

I have the same issues and just like @SSaldanha mentioned it’s way too annoying, especially when you’re in a tough workout (it even happened to me on a Ramp Test skewing the results, what a waste of time and effort!).

Hey @Bryce,

I get that the escalation path is to go with the Support Team, but looking at the ammount of folks that are mentioning this issue for so long, I think this should be looked at as a more of a known issue rather than an isolated case.

Look at the responses above. Folks saying “I just disconnect the power meter and connect it again, no need to exit the workouts”. That sounds to me like a resignated workaround (like “that’s just the way it is…”) but it should not be that way.

TR is excellent and part of what makes it great is the efficiency of estructured workouts but that’s only helpful when the data is reliable and accurate. Disconnecting and reconnecting my power meter defeats the purpose of those tough workouts, the ones that when done as subscribed, make you faster. But you can’t do them as subscribed when you encounter these hurdles.

I will follow the escalation path, and will open a ticket but still wanted to throw this out there. This is a recurring issue and it’s affecting multiple users.

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I have this happen every so often and attributed it with connection interference, particularly with my power meter. The PM might stay “paired” but in reality the reading is stuck. Switching from ANT+ to Bluetooth helped quite a bit but I found that the placement between my PM and laptop has to be just right (not too close, not too far).

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This happens to me all the time (about every other session). I’m not sure if it is always down to the power meter connection, but probably quite often. I had support look into it for a bit, but didn’t feel there was much they could do (they were very helpful, thats not a slight on them). Since controlling the trainer is such a core feature of Trainerroad, I really wonder if there isn’t more that can be done about it.

Obviously I don’t know how it works, but I have the feeling that TR just sends a power request to the trainer, and there is no feedback whether it got there. So the demand power stays eg high, but the trainer stays lower, and there is no sign that anything is wrong. As a user, this is quite frustrating, because you can’t do anything except plugging away at an obviously wrong power in the hope that the whole thing will recover sometime. If these problems are down to connection problems, it would be nice if TR would monitor the connection more actively and maybe also give you an option to automatically reconnect if a drop of the connection is detected.

As a bonus for nerds, it would also be great if there was some sort of connection summary after the workout, like the number of connection drops or re-started workouts. That might help troubleshooting your setup - for example, when my powermeter batteries are on the way out, I get more dropouts.

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Just noticed this thread - I’ve had this a couple of times recently with Android and my Hammer (v1). I’d put it down to the Hammer getting old until I just saw this thread! It was a new issue for me. Can’t find them now though, sorry!

Same experience with Tacx Neo + Garmin ANT+ Dongle.
In my case I had to move the dongle farther away from the trainer.
Now it’s working fine…

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