Constant TR Power Drop Outs

Is anyone having problems with TR dropping power and causing the workout to pause? My last two workouts are incomplete because TR drops out every minute to 30 seconds. Power stays constant on Zwift.

I dragged myself to the trainer today to do my threshold work out- had pretty good legs after the warmup and TR couldn’t read my power consistently. So disappointed and aggravated.

Suggestions anyone?

Number 1, you should probably talk to support.

Number 2, if you want any helpful support from us, you need to provide some details of your trainer, power source setup, power match?, and connection.

Hope it works for you soon!

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I also run Zwift and TR simultaneously on 2 different devices. With the help of a USB extension cable, I keep my ANT+ sensor as close as possible to my smart trainer and it fixed my dropouts. I would strongly recommend you to put the ANT+ sensor in a plastic bag to prevent sweat from damaging it when you do so.

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I was wondering if it happens to anyone else. I have been running my setup for 3 or 4 years with only an occasional issue.

I’ve seen this only a couple time for 2 reasons. One I’m a little fatigued or 2 when my power meter battery is low.
Always check with support if something seems off.

are you using Elite trainer?

I am going to open a ticket, I am seeing the same issue. started out of nowhere. didn’t do much because I thought it was some type of interference. I live in a condo, so a lot of people use the same frequency (2.4). I know for dropouts more often than not it’s a problem with interference. I open tickets in the past that didn’t go far, meaning TR hasn’t the issue

sounds like I am not the only one. so this could be a TR issue. like I said my problem recently started. I didnt change my setup.

Interesting question.

I do have an elite (Tuo) and i have similar issues, tho i do either power match using assioma duo pedals or on resistance mode. Some days are better than others. The lower the cadence the higher the chance of happening.

I use and ipad.

Do you have any insight?

Same exact issue. It worked fine until about a month ago and now the connection constantly drops. I have an IPad, Zwift on the TV, Wahoo Kickr Bike. Not a problem until about a month ago. No change in network, not other devices, the bikes can’t get closer to the iPad or tv, so what is going on?