Random Watt Drop?

I don’t know if it was @wahoofitnessofficial or @trainerroad that dropped the (watt) ball in the last block of efforts this morning, but you can see where it went sideways by looking at the mess of power feed in yellow. Never mind: seven of the eight power blocks were spot on(and painful!). Has anyone experienced this? I kept RPM as close as possible and the power would drop off randomly and come back occasionally to full setting… Is this a TR issue, or maybe a Wahoo KickR thing? Everything *seems to be updated, and I’d done a calibration only two training sessions earlier… Thoughts?


Sorry for the trouble, best protocol is to reach out to support@trainerroad.com so they can look at your internal ride log, the full scope of your devices and settings, and see what exactly is causing those issues. They’re also pros at checking for device and firmware updates, Drop them a line, they’ll be happy to help!

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As it transpires, the support team from support@trainerroad.com are AWESOME, and they’ve made some inroads into the issue. It’s 98% fixed now, and I’ll keep in contact with them to finish off the niggling last bits!

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