Wahoo Fitness TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Anyone else using the Wahoo Fitness TICKR Heart Rate Monitor with TR?

Mine is brand new, updated firmware, new battery and TR says it’s connected during the entire ride, but it usually only picks up after 10 minutes into the ride and even then the data is WAY off.

Thinking I’ll go back to Garmin for a basic chest HR monitor.

I’ve gone through four Tickrs that all developed similar problems. Usually after a few months or a year, but they all crapped out a lot like that. I picked up a Polar H10 last year and have had no problems at all. Yet.

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I occasionally use a TickrX. I’m on at least my second if not third. Wahoo replaced the first one (or two) because of issues. There are a lot of good ones available. Check out DCRainMaker for his indepedent reviews. Here are a couple of links, but there are good lesser-named brands, too.

FWIW, I typically use a Scosche Rhythm+. Other than the 8-hour battery (which is now down to 4.5 hours after four years), it has been flawless. Version 2.0 has a 24-hour battery life.


I’m on year 4 with my H10.

Thing is a tank.


The issue with the wahoo is the contacts corrode. Seems like they woulda thought about this for a product designed to be used while sweating… You can try cleaning the contacts with some alcohol and even 800+ grit sandpaper if theres any visible corrosion on it. I put a small dab of oil on a q-tip and coated the contacts. So far seems to be working. I’m on my 3rd (and last) warranty replacement Tickr

The easy answer is to just get the Polar!

If you are interested in HRV, go with a Polar. For me in-ride HRV was useless from a tickr.

My TickrX still ‘works’ but has minor issues. I’ve been using Garmin HRMs for years now, work well and last awhile if I rinse after using. Currently using two dual HRMs and they work really well, including HRV. The only other HRM I’d consider would be the Polar H10. Polar did a study and the Garmin dual received top marks for cycling, they were rated excellent and just a little below the H10.

All my Tickr HRMs failed. I’ve gone through about 4. They all start having issues reporting and crazy data.

I always put dielectric grease on the contacts, so I know it’s not corrosion. They just fail.

Try changing the battery, but if it still doesn’t work, contact Wahoo support. They will replace it.

I’ve been using one for about 8 months with no real issues. It always reads high when I first put it on, but I just wait for it to stabilize relative to my watch (TicWatch Pro). Otherwise its been fine.

I have a Tickr and 99% of the time it works well.

But I do notice about one ride every four to five weeks (I ride four/five times a week) my Tickr reading will stay flat (usually 120) for the entirety of the ride/workout. So for example if I am doing a Threshold workout with over/unders where I know my HR is fluctuating the Tickr will show a constant 120ish.

It happened here. You can see two drop outs during the first interval. That was me trying to take off/on the Tickr mid-ride to see if that would fix the issue. You can see during the warmup the HR is reading fine but once I hit the first interval it goes flat.

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I always wet the strap with water after I put it on and don’t have problems 99.9% of the time.

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I’ve had problems with the Tickr X2 (2nd generation). They’ve replaced it twice. My theory is that Wahoo switched to a different OEM/SW base because it’s horrible. I only use Polar H10 or Garmin HRM Pro now.

My second gen TICKR worked fine for about a year and a half before going crazy, but replacing the strap and resetting it seems to have fixed it.

I used the Tickr, replaced it three times in four years. Just sprung for the H10 for multi channel Bluetooth, HRV accuracy, and the ability to only replace the strap as needed. Strongly recommend the Polar. My old Polar strap lasted for years.

I’ve recently switched to a Tickr Fit that goes around the forearm. I’ve been getting data spikes from my Apple Watch, Garmin dual HR and Tickr X.

The new strap has solved the problem.

I got a TICKR 2 and I’m not happy about anything except the looks and the price (paid $50 in a sale).

The first time it wouldn’t connect to Trainerroad, even though the sensor had been blinking as it should. I replaced the battery.

The second time I took it for a run and it worked fine, but only after taking an eternity to connect to the Garmin watch.

Third time, worked fine with Trainerroad.

Fourth time, the Tickr refused to work, then showed ridiculous heart rates (80 or 170 in an easy run where I could go between 125 and 140 in the first miles).