Wahoo Tickr and Tickr X keep losing BT connection

Hi all

My old Wahoo chest HRM died a few months ago. I replaced it with a new Tickr X. I could not get the X to keep connected, the reported HR would be stable for about 5 minutes and then slowly drop to a comically low level for a while, and then back up again. It would yoyo like this throughout a 90min workout. I returned that and got a regular Tickr, but the same thing would happen.

Is this normal? I see on other posts that some people don’t use HRM indoors due to interference, but my old wahoo HRM strap had no problems maintaining connection.


Often connectivity and accuracy problems are due to low battery. Ignore the battery meter here, and just go by symptoms. That has worked very well for me.

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There’s a longer thread on HRMs, where Wahoo issues were discussed. I personally had to deal with Wahoo support and learned they had known issues with the straps on the Tickrs.

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I actually replaced the batteries on both the Tickr and TickrX, still no joy. Both HRM’s will track up to about 160BPM, then they will freeze and drop 10-20 BPM, freeze again and then jump up to 160+.

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I had an issue with my TickrX reading to high and contacted Wahoo and the sent me a new strap that is totally different and fixed my issues