HRM for Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Can anyone recommend a good heart rate monitor that is compatible with the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt? I bought one for my wife so she can do her TR workouts outside but really need to get her a HRM to go with it as we don’t have a power-meter (we use a smart trainer indoors).

I’ve been using a HRM branded coospo for the past year, and it’s been great, and less expensive than the name brands. Any bluetooth/ant HRM will be compatible with the bolt, of course.

Tried most of them, unfortunately the most unreliable ones have been from Wahoo.

Girlfriend and I both run Polar H10/H9 now and they haven’t missed a beat in over a year now :slight_smile: Lots of friends moving over to Polar from Wahoo now as well.

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Yeah, I have seen some really poor reviews of the Wahoo ones and they seem really expensive - especially for something with poor reliability.

Yeah, HRMs have gotten a bit more expensive in the past years, which is fine… as long as they work for a few years at least haha

I have 2 Wahoo HR monitors for 4+ years and I’m very happy with them. Reliability has been 100%. I had to replace one of them because my sweat eventually corroded the connection, however it should be noted I did absolutely no maintenance of it.

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fwiw i’ve been using my wahoo tickr (the base model) since whenever the elemnt bolt was released (i got it in a bundle), so i think that was early/mid 2017? I had to replace the strap because it broke but that was pretty cheap, but otherwise i’ve done nothing to it but change the battery.

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Same here, Wahoo Tickr, got it in a bundle years ago with an Elemnt Bolt. Worked perfectly fine, any day, all the time. A few months ago I replaced the battery for the first time in years. Other than that “issue” its been absolutely flawless.

Another happy Tickr user here. Had mine 4+ years and never dropped a beat (well not so I noticed :grinning:!).

Prior to that I had a Coospo (brought for reasons of cheapness). It was a bulky thing - not sure if they still are. Stopped working just out of warranty.

My first TickrX died just after 1 year of use but Wahoo replaced it even though it was beyond warranty. The current TickrX is still going strong after 2-3 years of use. Like others I replaced the strap because the original wore out, but that is to be expected.

I also have a Scosche Rhythm+ optical sensor. Other than the rechargeable battery life getting a little short after 8 years, it’s been rock solid. The Rhythm+ 2.0 has a 24-hour battery life.

@dcrainmaker recommends the Polar H9/H10 unless you’re in the Garmin ecosystem. Check out the Strap Comparison section of the page below.

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My Tickr was shit and then I got a deal on a Garmin h9 - been much much better and is good enough for HRV data in case that becomes a thing for you later on. H10 is probably the best option now.

Had a tickr for 14 months and it became some a pain to use (inaccurate) that I have replaced it with a Polar H10 a couple days ago

As others mention, I’d avoid the Wahoo. I am into the Wahoo ecosystem (Bolt, Roam, Kicker) and generally like their stuff.

But have had two Wahoo Tickr’s from bundles and both of them has been much less reliable than the stock Garmin straps.

I have heard many positive things about Polar H10.

Tickr has been working solid here for a couple years now. On occasion it won’t show HR for a bit at the start of a ride and it takes some hooking and unhooking to get it working but I replace the batteries and the issue goes away.

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