Heart rate monitors: What are you using?

My heart rate monitor died today. Can’t change the battery again because the screws are stripped. So I am going to purchase a new one.
What recommendations might you have?
I am coming from an Garmin HRM dual.
Rechargeable? Easy coin battery replacement?
Tell me what you think.

I have a Wahoo Tikr. Works as described on the box. Coin battery replacement.

Had no issues


4iiii viiiiva. Coin cell.

Works great, good price.

Garmin Dual. I want HRV so its either Garmin Dual or Polar H10. Garmin is cheaper.

The new Garmin dual pod is suppose to have better screw heads, I’ve got one of the original pods with Phillips head screws, I’m prone to strip these but have only changed the batteries once or twice, and I have precision screwdriver for electronics.


I use the Wahoo Tickr V2. If it weren’t for Wahoo’s excellent customer service I would’ve jumped ship to the Polar H10 months ago. I have had the Tickr for less than a year and I am on my third one. Luckily they keep giving me warranty replacements, but it seems like never ending issues. YMMV, but seems to be a common trend with the newer version of the Tickr.


Garmin HRM-Pro Plus. It’s been solid so far, battery lasts a long time, I like that I can wear it while swimming and it’ll sync the heart rate data to my watch afterwards. Only downside I can think of is that the readings can be a little erratic until I work up a sweat (easily solved with sensor gel, though).

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Polar H10. Works great.

Previously I had a Tickr, which stopped working properly after three years or so. The measured heart rate would get stuck on implausible values. The H10 is @dcrainmaker’s recommendation.


I had the TickR but it was too vulnerable to sweat rusting the stud contacts and took rigorous cleaning of them. It failed after few weeks only but I brought it back to life through cleaning. Whilst the support was great when it failed completely 11 months later, it was happening too often and I jumped to the Polar H10, touchwood it has been reliable, although it may need a new strap 2 years down the line. It reads low sometimes but Id rather that than stupid spikes and it is pretty reasonable for a 2 year old strap. Lol, although every time I think of getting a new strap, it starts working flawlessly again :joy:

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Garmin epix gen 2 watch. Yeah I know optical HRMs suck. But this one not so much. And it’s already on me so I never forget it.


Bought a Wahoo Tickr and it worked for < 1 year before it completely died.

Bought another Wahoo Tickr and it wouldn’t pick up my HR for the first 5-10 min of a ride. Used it anyway and it lasted about 6 months before it stopped working.

Bought a Polar H10 and it’s been going strong for 4 years. Picks up HR immediately. No issues. Coin cell battery lasts many months.


glad to hear yours works great. my experiences were so and so… dropouts, stuck reading at >200bpm and I found it generally unreliable on outdoor rides. I use mine indoors on the spinning bike at the work-gym to send data via ANT+ and Bluetooth to my phone running TR. This task works great and without issues so far with the caveat that it won’t send any other data to TR besides power.

Outdoors I use a Garmin HR and sometimes my Garmin Fenix on the wrist (for endurance rides).

Garmin dual. $50 on Amazon. Always works with my Garmin head unit and laptop. Battery is replaceable and lasts for years.

Gifted by a good friend on his recommendation. Have to say its the only one I have ever had, after having several of both types of Garmin straps, that has not failed and always works.

and it is a lot cheaper


Polar H10 been reliable and getting on for at least 7 years old now. On its second strap. No specialist tools required to remove battery cover either,


Mine eventually died after just over a year and a half but VfM I’d rate it as good, and probably only slightly behind my current H10.

COROS HRM, for me the HR data from it has been great, it’s rechargeable, auto on/off, slim, and I forget I have it on my arm.


HRM Dual… I have my issues with it from strang battery drain to the straps basically becoming useless in a year for me… Have 3 straps that just don’t work anymore… And the current one seems to have issues too more and more often it reads to low or high for a few minutes and then it’s ok again…m

Needed a cheapo HRM for my TR training on the Stages SB20 so this does the job nicely (CR2032 battery) Fitcent Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap, Bluetooth ANT+ HR Sensor for Strava Peloton Polar Wahoo Zwift Map My Ride Garmin Sports Watches : Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors

Magene. Cost like $20. Rock solid.

I agree with the comments regarding Wahoo’s customer service. Top notch and they stand behind their product quickly sending out replacements. They are prone to rusting that causes connection issues. I make sure after each use that I rinse the sensors and the connectors and let them air dry. And I wipe the back of the module. After following this procedure after riding I’ve had no issues. It’s important that you do both connectors. I discovered that I only did one side the same side every time and the side I never did was rusted.

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