Wahoo Elemnt Kj not matching up with TrainerRoad

Hello, so I training with the Assioma Duo linked to a wahoo element computer and using trainerroad with a dongle on my laptop. for some reason the data is the same on some power readings like normalized power, max and average power are all close . But with the Kj of total work is way off anywhere from 10-50%. Today I numbers were 940kj on trainer road and 677kj recorded on my element. I calibrate the pedals on the head unit prior to every workout. Anyone have any experience with this?

Do you have exactly the same FTP in both areas?
If not, that is the most common issue leading to discrepancies.

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Believe it’s a Wahoo thing / annoyance;

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The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe you have the pedals paired to the headunit with one on bluetooth and the other on Ant?

Thanks for the ideas, I am going to try to reset everything, see if that helps

Feels like I just answered a similar question

There’s been lots of issues with the way Wahoo records power.

https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/03/wahoo-elemnt-bolt-in-depth-review.html#comment-2396539 - see this comment on DC Rainmakers blog.

I had a similar issue - Yet another baffling data discrepancy (Bolt / TrainingPeaks)

And this - Average power higher than NP - why?

The issues all vary slightly but most seem to centre around the problem that the Wahoo has a tendency to record “-” instead of “0” when the power meter isn’t being used, which skews the numbers when entered into training programs.

Can you link to your ride on TR?

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I think the OP’s question only refers to the difference between Kj on the unit and TR, nothing to do with the “calories” metric.

That wouldn’t impact kJ.

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so here is a pic of the workout and my wahoo from todays ride. everything looks fine except for the KJ

Googled this and came across this thread - doesn’t seem like there’s an answer or a solution, but it is an issue that some other users have experienced


Except there’s also an average watts discrepancy - the Bolt shows 167, TR says 174.

174 for an hour matches up with 625kj (watts x hours x 3.6) - so I think your TR numbers are trustworthy.

But 167 for an hour doesn’t even match up with 472kj. That’s the very odd part.