Yet another baffling data discrepancy (Bolt / TrainingPeaks)

To add to a couple of similarly-themed but different threads, I thought I’d add my recent odd experience.

I went on a 4 hour ride on Sunday. Afterwards, when uploading to TrainingPeaks, it said that average watts were 174 and Kj were 2682. Which can’t be right, as 174 x 4 x 3.6 (the standard watts to kj calculation) is 2505.

Then it gets weird. I deleted the first 5 seconds, and only the first 5 seconds, of the workout data. The Kj stayed the same at 2682, NP the same, but the average watts suddenly changed to 185. Which x 4 x 3.6 = 2664; so basically matching. See screenshots below.

God knows what’s going on. I’ve submitted a help ticket to Wahoo, because it seems that there’s a possibility it could be regularly giving me understated average watts.

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I’m seeing a big change in elevation as well from cutting those 5 seconds. Which suggests to me that there may be something going on as the device calibrates the altimeter as you start. (I’m a Garmin rather than a Bolt user, so I’m not sure what method Wahoo use to do this).

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