Assioma Duo + Wahoo Bolt = Low kj readings

I am using an Assioma Duo power meter with a Wahoo Bolt for recording rides outside, the data is then uploaded to Training Peaks and Wahoo element app. I notice that for a given ride the kilo joules (kj) reported on the wahoo bolt (and uploaded to the app) are significantly different when compared to the same ride uploaded to Training Peaks. Average power is the same and normalised power is always within 1-5 watts.

For example this morning I recorded a 1:57:15 ride,
Bolt average power and NP - 178W and 260W
Training peaks average power and NP - 178W and 257W
Bolt kj - 1092
Training peaks kj - 1395

My profiles, weight, FTP etc… are identical for both.

Previously I had been using a Vector S with the Wahoo Bolt and Uploading to training peaks and the kj recorded where within 10-30kj. i.e. less of a difference.

Anyone else experienced this?


No, you’re not alone (just searched for this topic as I’m having the same issue).

Like you it’s just an issue with the display on the Bolt - when uploaded to any platform it seems to correct it. Someone on DC Rainmaker also reported the issue:

Is it still happening for you, or did you sort it out?

Plus another thread about it here:

Not sure a satisfactory conclusion was reached - some speculation about the way the Bolt records power meter zeroes as i recall.