Headunit dropping kJ when uploading?

At the end of a recent ride, my headunit reported 1001kj and a specific TSS but when the upload went through to various places I got:

  • 974 in TrainerRoad and TP
  • 990 in Strava
  • 1001 on the Elemnt App

Has anyone else experienced this? What is going on here?

check comment #1049 on this review:

it is an older comment, and I thought Wahoo resolved the issue.

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My OCD is being triggered hard core.

TR, WKO4, and Strava report max 5 second power correctly, but TrainingPeaks online doesn’t and the Elemnt app is different than the headunit.

TR, TP, and WKO4 agreed on KJ, but Strava and the Elemnt app are different.


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Amen, that kind of thing drives me crazy. After Sunday outside ride I had it happen for the first time in a long time. Too busy at work to track it down, too OCD to let it go.

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Dredging up an old thread. I finally got pissed about the occasional TP 5-sec power not agreeing with WKO/TrainerRoad/Garmin. So I filed a support ticket and this was the response from TrainingPeaks support rep:

"The 5-second power is a known issue, TrainingPeaks uses 6-seconds worth of data instead of 5 to calculate 5-second max power. This dates back to when that code was originally written when power meters first came out most of the files were coming from SRM and the first powertap hubs. Those units didn’t actually record data every second, it was closer to every .85 seconds, so if we chose to use 5 samples it would be less than 5 seconds, and if we chose to use 6 samples it would be a little over 5 seconds, we chose to use 6 samples since that would be inclusive of 5 complete seconds, and that’s just the way it’s always stayed. "

Now we know.

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