Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2 Color)

Glad it worked out!

Has anyone managed to find any stock in the EU? My wife has very kindly agreed to get me one for my birthday but Wahoo and the usual suspects are out of stock.

Having a problem with mine. Just got it but it won’t update to the latest. Just says “install failed “

I just set up all my screens, I’d hate to have to do a factory reset but I guess I may have to

Can you joy down notes of your screen fields to make them quickly when you start up? I did this to ensure a smooth transition from the V1 to the V2.

Also, double check your network connectivity? Perhaps something screwy happened there. Had to update mine on Tuesday and it took it quite a bit to find my wifi.

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Thanks, I got it working, but it wasn’t easy.

I did a factory reset, but it still wouldn’t update. I noticed that the V2 barely had any memory left, like 400 MB. I deleted the France map, which was huge, and then it updated fine. I got my pages set up easily and now have no problem. It just seems weird that they would ship it with not enough memory to update, and no message that memory was full when I tried.

What’s the hack? I’d love to remove the pre-loaded workouts from my Bolt, just to clean it up. Maybe chuck on ~10 different workouts workouts and leave it at that.

Would love to know if it’s possible on the V2, unlike on the V1, to change the descriptions/colours given to each of the HR zones and power zones.

You can edit the bounds of the zones using the app (scroll up a bit to one of my previous posts where I show this), but I don’t believe there is a means to change what color they are. It’s possible there will be some software hacks to do this not unlike the Varia Radar sprites, but the unit is still quite new.

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Also if anyone can find the hack to let the outdoor workouts on the Bolt work with AT that would be great :grinning:

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I think the current hack is to have it push to Garmin Connect and have Garmin Connect push to TR to essentially, bypass Strava altogether as Strava seems to be part of the problem. Granted, I’ve not tried this approach, so I have no idea if it actually works in practice, but that’s my going theory if I were to test it out. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy and not impacted enough to do it.

I didn’t realize this was possible. I’d love to bypass Strava just on general principle

I’ll reiterate that I’ve not tried it in practice, but given what I’ve been seeing on the forum, it would be a test I’d try out. It may very well be a heavy manual process or impossible to actually do.

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I was proposing a quick test by downloading from Bolt to a computer, or syncing to Dropbox or whatever, and then manually uploading to TR.

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Used it today for the first time with Trek DuoTrap Speed/ Cadence sensor and wow, it’s Bad!
Loses connection twice a minute (also to my Hr belt), which also lead to my average speed showing wrong, which i didn’t manage to fix in the GPX file.
Very annoying!
Also, the start up Time is a Joke. Feels like 1996 tech.

Just a couple more observations having used the v2 for several rides now:

  • top buttons are easier to push, but the tactile feedback isn’t great. The screen changes lag a bit changing so often I end up double-pressing and having to cycles through the pages again.
  • I find the right side buttons very difficult to press on the bike. The v1 were ok, but it’s much worse now.
  • I had the screen side-illuminated by the sun (low on the horizon, but still hours of daylight left) and the screen was hard to read. Direct-view/light, it’s gorgeous, though. Using the backlight would help, but of course cost you battery-life.
  • I don’t think the leds are really much brighter.
  • the beeps are more attention-grabbing; even through earbuds


i have to admit that I am a bit sorry I sold the V1 in a spur of a moment.

Having tested the Garmin 530 and 830 it turns out I am switching off more or less every added function (like steep turn ahead alarm, drink/eat alarm, BPM alarm, workout alarm, navigation alarm) as all of this eld to constant beeping…

Eventually I even turned off rerout completely and also navigation/turn hints.
It is just too much information. And mostly the routing suggestions are pure idiocy no matter what options I define.

ClimbPro is ok, but quite often the GPS positioning lags those 30-50 decisive meters behind. I am already over the hill and the device still shows me 7% for 200m. Also I find it disappointing that ClimbPro does not zoom into the current phase of the Climb. Why does it show me the profile of all 8km incl those 6km I already passed when the upcoming climb details are much more relevant but barely readable.

One more thing: there is no way to switch of this idiotic virtual partner. Two arrows barely apart on a supersmall screen? Sometimes less is more.

And the map is so full of details: i can barely see where I even am and need to go. I reduced the details on map to absolute minimum. still too much input.

I might order a V1 again. Good prices at the moment so after having sold my 3y old Bolt I am eager to get a new one now again.

Why no V2? I find that rerouting is simply not convincing at this stage of software development. I dont want to be frustrated by stupid beeping, weird suggestions based on bad map material… or even u-turn notifications.
Also I hate USB-C. All my devices are micro USB incl my Varia.
Color I dont need.

I rode fine with my V1 and will maybe do so again. I am still thinking about the Roam as it is a bit bigger (eyes getting older) and it has micro usb.


Are you in the UK? You can buy my V1 if you like - happy to agree a deal if interested.

My views on the Bolt v2 are mixed:


  • Colour maps slightly useful
  • Top LEDs now slightly useful (useless on V1) as reasonably legible
  • Colour-coded power (HR) fields more useful than expected
  • In full sun, screen super clear to read
  • Varia integration significantly improved by use of colour


  • Entering shade from sun (but insufficient to trigger backlight), screen harder to read than V1 and quite poor in a few circumstances
  • Glacial start-up speed and laggy on page changes
  • Poor tactile feedback on front 3 buttons
  • Less than impressed with the re-routing suggestions offered up - luckily I knew the roads so could just ignore it :no_mouth:
  • “Unclassified” roads in UK, which comprise much of what I ride on, are displayed on the map screen as unfeasibly thin lines - honestly, I don’t know what Wahoo are thinking: they’re perhaps <1/5th the size of the roads that are the next grade up, and are so thin/inconsequential that they don’t seem like they’d roads at all and this seriously hampers legibility and thus navigation, particularly at (complex) junctions - and this remains the case at full zoom-in; I’ll have to raise a ticket on this. I’ve never seen any other mapping tool (eg. online) take such an approach, for good reason, as it’s garbage.

Overall: it’s a decent device, but quite underwhelming if you’re already used to a V1 (and I wouldn’t be rushing to “upgrade” to a V2 unless you’re gagging for a colour screen for some reason).

interesting - and is the V2 different in this compared to the Roam, means, is the Roa bad in this too?

I need especially a clear and readable display.

Ideally there would be a user choice to display unclassified or not. I only ride on roads so cluttering up an already busy map with larger lines for unclassified routes would be a big no for me.

Wires crossed due to infamiliar terminology, I think…

“Unclassified” roads in the UK are most certainly roads, tarmacced etc, just ones that’ve not been given a UK ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘M’ classification numbers. Most residential, and urban streets are Unclassified, for example, as well as very many country lanes. They’re not US-style gravel roads.

The majority of the UK road network comprises Unclassified roads, so no one would really be wanting to not display these types of roads:

On my routes, it’s commonplace for a ‘B’ road to morph into an Unclassified road: down on the ground you cannot really tell, maybe the road narrows a bit or something, but on the Bolt v2 map it goes from a nice, clear, thick orange line with black boundary lines to a thin murky/pale grey that looks more like it might be a private track/drive to someone’s house as opposed to a public highway. Legibility of these is very poor IMO.