Next block -- change it up?

Just finished SSBMVI. Progress kind of stagnant (made a post about AIFTP and true FTP: AI FTP Detection overestimating - #111 by jkrasnow) but just kind of stagnant all around. I did a lot of primarily Z2 work in the summer-fall, got up to 12+ hrs a week, but didn’t really see any gains. Did a short period of TrainNow with a couple threshold over/under or VO2max sessions/wk, also didn’t really make much progress (VO2max power kind of low for FTP – assuming “true” FTP from Kolie Moore test, max 5 min power is 118%)

I’m not going to race this year, nor do I have any planned events, but I still like to get faster. I’d love to get back to my best FTP of 308W (I’m same weight at 73kg)

So options I’m considering:

  1. just do SSBMVII
  2. polarized base II MV
  3. 7 weeks of “seiler” style 4x8 (or a mix)
  4. try Xert??? totally different approach
  5. SSBLVI with added Z2 (what I’m leaning towards)
  6. something else?

Kolie Moore style VO2 Block then back into SSB / Move through Sweet Spot and then Threshold.

I can very much relate to the stagnation. I will/should follow a similar path to the one above once I get through my A-Race in five weeks time. I’ve had a pretty lousy summer of training and despite a heap of volume have dropped fitness for various reasons.

KM VO2 Block after SSB last year and the year before really helped launch my progression.


Is that high cadence (no specific target) highest repeatable effort (again no specific target) that has you breathing out the eyeballs for like 5x5?

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Those are definitely factors to aim for.

I’d recommend listening to the @empiricalcycling podcast (I’ll go check the episodes).

Basically you want to aim for 2-3 weeks of VO2 workouts. High cadence and maximising breathing. I like to structure my ones as something like 4x5, 5x4, 6x3 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (works best for my schedule)

It’s about administering a very high stimulus, then RESTING, then build with a higher ceiling.

ETA: Watts Doc #11, #21, #23

I listened, but it was a while ago, I’ll give it a re-listen, thanks

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