Virtual rides - when and how to schedule

So I’m going into week 5 of SSB2 LV.
Schedule is Monday, Wednesday, longer ride on Friday.
I’m slowly incorporating more rides into the schedule, take last Tuesday, Carter this coming Tuesday, building up to Pettit, Beech or even Fletcher.
My goals were a couple of gran fondo, the first of which has been cancelled.

I would like to add,or substitute, some of the virtual eventathat have appeared recently (Ronde, Milan San remo, etc.). Since they’re longer I’d ideally do them at the weekend but I’m not sure how to get those in my calendar…

Should I just do 1 to 1 swaps? Add those as cat C events in the calendar and let the plan builder take care of it? Add those on top :eyes:?

That would be the first thing I’d try. Let Plan Builder do the heavy lifting and see what it looks like.