Schedule non-TR rides?

Busy setting up a custom plan for 2021, and wondering, do you guys also schedule your non-TR rides to see how it influence your calendar graph?
In 2020, I did mid-volume and even had some high-volume months, but, it was too much structure, if that makes sense. I train mostly for long ultra gravel events, 300km plus events and TR in combination with logn outdoor rides works great, but I also love technical mountain biking, with really no emphasis on performance, it’s more pushing myself to ride technical features on the trail.
With the mid and high volume plans, I felt I did not mtb enough in 2020, so I am dropping TR down to low volume (three TR rides a week), and use the open days to go mtb, which will will result in 6 days of riding a week.

But now, do I schedule these mtb rides with a estimated stress score in the calendar to get hopefully a more accurate graph, or do I just leave them out?

You could schedule them as C events.

Click on a day in the calendar and you’ll get a dialog popup with four options. Click on the bottom one “Other Activity”. Now fill in the details and guess the TSS (or base it on previous rides). Also select weekly from the repeating drop down list and an end date then this will populate that day each week with a non-TR ride.