Viiiiva 4iiii HRM Trouble?

Anyone else have trouble getting TR to recognize the Viiiiva 4iiii heart rate monitor? It’s recognized on the 4iiii app, and Zwift (both iOS and macOS). No love from TrainerRoad though. Tried TR on both iOS (Bluetooth) and macOS (Bluetooth and Ant+), but the HR monitor just won’t show up in the devices tab. What’s really weird is that Ant+ devices using the Bluetooth bridge on the Viiiiva do show up.

Make sure Viiiiiiiiva is disconnected from everything else before trying to connect.

Including the 4iiiiiiii app on the phone.

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The Viiiiva takes ANT+ and bridges it to BLE. If you are using ANT+ on your Mac, then it should only be sending HR to TR via ANT+. First, make sure to “Forget” the Viiiiva. Next pair your power meter, cadence sensor, and trainer first. Now, put on your Viiiiva and pair it. What happened? Screenshot?

As for via Bluetooth, if I get a chance, I will test it and update.

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Hi @gwhilts. Did you get any further with this one?

I recently bought the Viiiiva to bridge my ANT+ only power meter to BT. This works wonderfully everywhere but TR. Today I used it on the IOS app and it worked will but no Heart Rate. I’m thinking of lodging a support ticket. Other apps manage it (Sufferfest, Zwift etc) so can’t see why TR cannot.

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