Garmin Vivioactive HR in Trainer Road App

Just got the vivioactive 3 as a christmas present. It has heart rate monitor, but I can’t figure out how to get the heart rate to display in trainer road during a workout. When I try and add it as a device it doesn’t show up in either android app or on my Ipad. Anyone have any advice?

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Do you have it set to broadcast?

It appears to only send via ANT+, so your TR device will need that. The Android one might have it, but not all do. And the iPad won’t have it unless you add an ANT+ dongle.

Thanks for the reply, I actually managed to figure it out oonce I saw that it was only using ANT+. I will type it out in case any future users run into this program. The android phone is a oneplus 6t, which appears to be quite finicky with ANT+. I had to download the ANT Radio service application and then do the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Apps and Notification (then See all # apps)
  3. Scroll to ANT Radio Service and click on it
  4. Click on Permissions
  5. Click on Additional permissions
  6. Toggle use ANT hardware on

I have a Vivoactive 4…I tried using it compared to my Rhythm 24 and the heart rate was way low…I was doing V02 max intervals with my HR in the 170’s and the vivoactive was ready in the high 90’s. Not sure wrist based HR is all that great yet.

Did you figure this out for ipad too, or just android?

For iPad you would need the wahoo ANT key (which is only the old 30-pin style rather than lightning so you’d need that adapter too)

I recall Garmin considering (or working on) adding BLE broadcast for their newer watches with wrist HR, but I’d have to search which (if any) have that yet in any firmware (beta or otherwise).

Like another noted, for me, wrist HR when exercising has been awful on all devices I’ve tried (A few Garmins, a MIO). I have heard from some that it works well though so It seems a bit personal and device specific yet.