4iii Viiiva and Wattbike

I’m trying to find a way to be able to train more often and use the Wattbike at the gym near work. Given the Wattbikes at my gym are really unreliable over Bluetooth im keen to find a solution that will work with an ant+ bridge and my iPhone.

I think the official TrainerRoad position is that they don’t support Ant+ bridges and so if I want to use the Viiiva or CABLE I’ll end up with it alternating between hr and power every second over Bluetooth to TrainerRoad (as per dcrainmaker review)
DC Review

Does anyone know if the following will work? Wattbike connected to viiiva via ant+ and power only sent to phone via Bluetooth, separate Polar Bluetooth hrm connected to phone via Bluetooth to transmit hr. I know I don’t need to wear the viiiva for it to transfer data, I just don’t know if I can stop it trying to send hr by not wearing it.