CABLE ANT+ To BLE & Multiple Devices

I’ve been interested in TrainerRoad for a while now, but I would prefer to use my iPhone for the app than a computer. I have Garmin HRM, Speed, and Cadence sensors which are all ANT+ only. When I asked TR about the CABLE device last year, they said multiple sensors weren’t supported and that they had no plans of adding it.

Now that a year has past, I wanted to know if this is still a limitation or not? Zwift, Rouvy, and Sufferfest all support the CABLE device with multiple sensors.

I have a smart trainer that can do bluetooth now, but I would still like to have all of my sensors connected if possible.

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I use the Viiiva heart rate monitor which acts as a bridge between ANT+ and BLE. It works great bridging my speed/cadence, power, and heart rate in one piece. Works perfectly with TR and Zwift. Cost about $80 on Amazon. I highly recommend.


To be clear, I use my iPad and phone with the Viiiva, as you describe you’d like to, and it works great. I don’t own a computer.

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Hello Fast4fun,
I bought same device viiiva to do exact same thing as u.
Thé viiiiva app on iPad works great and I see all the metrics (power, speed, cadence and hr)

When I connect on tr, I see only power.

Do you see it all?
Did you do anything special on the settings?

Cheers, jc

Did you solve you problem because I have the exact same problem. Garmin vector2 viiiva strap bridge to ipad and no power. Thanks…it works fine on zwift

With TR, if you’re only seeing power, then the Viiiiva is in bridging mode (i.e., bridging ANT+ to BLE)

IIRC, TR does not fully support the Viiiiva bridging mode where multiple devices (e.g., cadence, power, HR) would all be in a single BLE channel/connection. I think I remember Nate saying something about Viiiiva doing some weird and/or complicated things that made the development/support not worthwhile.

You have two choices:

  1. Run TR using ANT+ and disable bridging allowing your Viiiiva to send HR.
  2. Run TR using BLE which if your power meter can do native BLE, then disable bridging and your Viiiiva will send HR. If you require bridging, then you will not get HR from your Viiiiva.

Ok cool thanks a lot!

Just to clarify, so I can use the Viiiiva as a bridge (cadence, power, HR from a separate hr monitor) so long as the Viiiiva HR is not broadcasted?

Why not just get a cable to work as a bridge then?

I believe that could work, but I never tried it. I also have a Garmin HR strap that I could have tried in that configuration but it wasn’t that important to me.

As for the Cable, I already had the Viiiiva in hand so :man_shrugging:

In the end, I chose to continue using TR via ANT+ . The whole reason I was messing about w/BLE was because I wanted to run Zwift and TR simultaneously, which I do w/out issue but using BLE for Zwift and ANT+ for TR. But, that’s a different discussion :smiley:

Just to be clear, you want the CABLE to map each ANT+ device you have to individual BLE devices? That’s interesting. I know you can have multiple ant-> ble mapping but never tried connecting to more than one for some reason. If you can wait til this weekend (when I’m home), I can try it out.