Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

Hi Shane, do you sell It?
I have a friend of mine that maybe can fix It, Better then if you trash maybe.

Update me

It’s in the corner waiting for me to find the time to look at the belt tension.

Ok, in case write me.

PS: for belt tensione adjustment you suppose this tension Is actually too low and generate over Reading or Is the opposite, so too High and over Reading?

Me too. And great deal. But now I need a new road/gravel bike to go with it. :grin:


Had my 1st ride on the H3. It’s a solid trainer. I can’t tell any difference between that and the kickr core.
But…. I sure did not realize that the H3 doesn’t have dual band BLT. I normally have the kickr connected to TR and Zwift. But I had to skip zwift today. Anyone know how to add an ANT dongle to an Apple TV?

I may have to stick with the kickr core otherwise and give the H3 to my brother.

Yeah, I mentioned the 1x ANT+ & 1x BLE connection about the H3 vs Wahoo stuff above when someone asked a “this vs that” question.

AFAIK, there’s no real way to run ANT+ with the Apple TV. Since you are using that for Zwift, and it’s presumably BLE only, what is the device you are using to run TR? Perhaps there is an ANT+ option on that end instead?

The option that may work is an ANT+ to BLE bridge like either of the following devices:

I have no experience with either one, so hopefully someone can help there.

I normally had my core and Assioma connected to TR for powermwtch. Zwift connected to core for power and cadence.

I suppose I can use my laptop to run TR. The problem is i have a big TV in front of me for TR and I just use screen mirroring from my phone to see it. If I use laptop, I am not sure I can screen mirror or chrome cast it to the tv. Have to look into it.

It would be nice to have TR have the casting feature.

I have a 4iiii Viiiiva HR monitor I’ve been using for about a year and a half. It’s worked pretty flawlessly as both an HRM and as an ANT+/BLE bridge. I used the bridge for TR on an iPad for about a year and never had any trouble at all with it. Everything just worked and I never had to mess with anything apart from a single battery change.

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So was just reading more about the Saris H3 as we ordered 2 last Friday - somewhat on impulse to seeing the great sale price.

In reading the forum today I learned the H3 doesn’t support Resistance mode. This really might be an issue for us as we have come to like using this feature at times. It never occurred to me that this mode would not be available. Hoping the standard mode will work well enough for those times we want to opt out of ERG mode…have never used it so have no idea what the experience with it will be like…. Really hoping we don’t regret this decision…

ETA: Turns out that the H3 offers Resistance via ANT+, Standard via BLE.


Just as an aside, when I used to shut off erg mode on TR, Standard was my go to on the Kickr. There’s little practical difference between standard and resistance modes AFAIC.

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That definitely could be the case. The thread I read stated it was the only trainer that did not have resistance mode but did have slope/standard mode available in TR, but I have not done any other research to verify that this was correct. Your feedback is much appreciated!!

  • Yes, essential characterized as follows:

Resistance mode = linear progression, more like the magnetic trainers of old

Standard mode = non-linear or exponential progression, more like the fluid trainers of old


Thanks Kurt! I kind of assumed they would be similar other than resistance mode might have a little more granularity to fine tune the power produced for a specific gear setting.

  • I’d have to read that thread (link if you have it), but that is exactly backwards to my experience.

I will add, that there is a very interesting option with the H3 trainer. If you give it power from the wall, and do NOT connect it to any actual control device (phone, head unit, etc.), it will act like a fluid resistance trainer. It applies a generic but exponential power curve that feels similar to their old fluid trainers.

It’s meant as a possible hack, quick option to get on the trainer and get some work done, without the need to connect a controlling device/app. This could potentially be manipulated as a hack around the fact that it lacks a “Standard” mode within use of TR, but I am speculating here.

Here is the thread with the comments regarding lack of resistance mode:

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Hmmm, interesting. I will have to play with my H2 tonight. Been a few years since I actually used it, so stuff could be different or I am just have a faulty memory (entirely possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Get a 12V adapter for the car and use it as a warmup trainer for racing w/o computer, phone, or other setup. (Of course you can run this via a head unit too.)

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It could work that way, but honestly… these are not my first choice for traveling. They are big, heavy and just a pain to haul around. Even with my Neo2 being self powered, it is not a toy to move around. I’d much rather grab my old Kinetic Road Machine or one of those fork mount roller options (Feedback & Magura) for any real travel. But that is personal preference and I could see using a setup like you mentioned depending on priorites.

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Problem I run into with my old CycleOps Fluid 2 (15 years and still going strong!) is disc brakes for my trainer wheel and my lack of thru-axle adapter for it otherwise. But yeah, I wouldn’t lug a Kickr or a Hammer for that. More likely to just find some decent roads nearby or spring for one of those cool Feedback Sports rear-wheel roller doohickeys.

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