Video watching tips?

Anyone come across a hack or workaround to run a full screen video with the TR minimal UI overlaid at the bottom (versus hidden behind). Ask as I’m starting to go back and watch the footage from last year and the viewing option is either a small window in the center right of screen, or full screen - there are no other options (image attached if it works).

. If not I’ll just run TR from the phone instead, but it’s nice to have the target numbers more in front of my eyes versus tucked down below.

I would think a chrome extension is probably available to watching youtube specifically in a floating window that can be resized. Something like:

I haven’t used it, but it looked promising.

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Massive thanks - looking for a simple extension was exactly the answer. I found one called “separate window” that does exactly what I wanted to do.

TR on the phone, netflix/youtube/whatever on the laptop or TV via xbox