Anyone else having issues with overlaying minimal interface TR on fullscreen video? (Windows 10)

On both the latest beta and production version on Windows 10, I can lo longer overlay the minimal TR interface on full screen video (Youtube, Netflix, etc). The minimal window does appear, but when I try to click on it to either reposition it or select an item on there, it simply disappears.

I have literally just asked TR support the same question, and I’m sure they’ll get back to me promptly as always, but thought I’d check here also and potentially save them a job!

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I am on the regular version, win 10 and use minimal with no major issues. I do sometimes get an odd resize if I drag from my primary screen to my smaller second screen, and back to big. But maximizing and re-minimizing seems to fix it.

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Thanks @mcneese.chad.

It’s very strange. I didn’t want to spend too time trying to fix the problem before my ride this morning, but I’ve just had a look now.
The minimal window just disappears whenever I try any interaction with it when it’s on top of a full-screen video. If I then switch back to TR via the task bar or alt-tab, it sometimes reappears, but other times it reappears only as a grey rectangle which is the correct shape but has absolutely nothing inside it. The mystery deepens!

That is odd behavior. Hopefully TR can figure it out.

Fingers crossed…
I might just have to set up a dual monitor system as well if not!

For clarity, my typical use has Zwift and TR minimal mode on the same screen (my large display) and it all works fine. So it’s not necessarily working for me because I have dual screen, but it may be a variable in my case.

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I noticed the same issue last night, but didn’t really think much of it till your post. Normally I position TR, and then put the video in full screen mode, so I don’t normally reposition TR at all during my workout.

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I don’t reposition it too much either, but I need to interact with the window to calibrate after the warmup.

I don’t know when it started but I also have this. I don’t think I’m even updated to the newest windows version. I didn’t realise it had changed. I just have it big. TBH I can’t concentrate on the screen even wearing headphones doing anything other than an easy workout so it’s just background noise anyway.

I RMA’d a CPU cooler and now realise I have no Isopropyl Alcohol to clean off the old paste so am waiting for it. I think I sent it before the latest update went away.

I did setup a three monitor system with the idea I could play games on one, but have TR/video-Doorbell, on the others. Complete fantasy. It’s radio, Spotify or a crap simple English language video at most. “Highlander” was great - the plot line of every episode is the same so it doesn’t matter if you miss a bit. Music is the same: you don’t want good tunes. Preferably you don’t even understand what the genre is. My favourite is “grime”

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Mine was definitely fine last Sunday, as I watched a mindless movie during my long weekend ride-300 I think!

I’m perfectly fine watching easy stuff up to and including sweet spot levels. I sometimes watch sport even during vo2max intervals-it entirely depends how I feel on the day.

But it’s mostly mindless stuff. I think I watched every Jason Statham film he’s made during Ironman training last year… That says it all!!

Yeah, I have issues with the new update on windows 10. When using the overlay I get an opaque black screen. So can’t watch video etc. Also, had to abort this mornings session. When moving TR to my second screen, again was left with a complete black screen no data, no nothing but black.

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I know you’re talking Windows here, but on Mac there’s a known issue with different browsers in full-screen mode. Short version is Chrome or Safari in full-screen block the view of minimized TR. Firefox works though. Have you tried other browsers?

No, but I have always used Chrome with TR with no issues full screen or minimised.

Understood, but lots changes all the time with all your software (especially Chrome). Very easy to test and rule out.

Same problem for me on both Chrome and Firefox.

what is this minimal version you speak of?

Part of this section.

+1. Normally flawless but after update on Windows 10 noticed that minimal mode suddenly displays only a black box with no data through a workout with Chrome playing Netflix on full screen. “Fixed” by coming out of full screen, alt-tabbing into TR a couple of times then back to full screen. But happened at least 4 times in 90min workout.


The window is still there in the same location but when you click on it istopmost changes from true to false so seems like it moves to the back of the z order which makes it disapear. The location of the window stays the same. I was using inspect from the windows sdk, really a pain to debug without source code…

Also minimal mode is really a new window with the original window hidden in case anyone uses inspect and wonders why two trainer road windows are there

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Not sure if its linked with a recent update with this but when using the minimal interface I now have overlaying text within it , had it for a week or so, since they added the end time, only when I switch to resistance mode, the percentage value is overwritten with the end time… Did grab a picture at the time, sorry its blurry, was in middle of workout.

Did notice after yesterdays workout it was requesting a restart, maybe this issue got fixed and created this new one you are describing. Sure I’ll find out soon!