TrainerRoad @ bottom of screen Google Chrome

Hey guys is there a way to have TR run on chrome when it is in full screen mode to enable you to watch youtube or other shows on Chrome. Running the desktop app on a MAC. Currently it doesn’t work when in full screen mode.

I am confused. Are you running TR on a Chromebook?

If so, that is unsupported:


Want to be able to have TR in minimal mode at the bottom and watch something on the screen above. It used to work.

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  1. Put TR in minimal mode which locates it to the bottom of the screen.
  2. Manually resize Chrome to fit in the space above.
  3. Watch whatever you want.

edit: If you want to use “full screen” as in maximize the Chrome window with TR on top of it at the bottom, you cannot hit the maximize button in the top left of Chrome. Why? That will put Chrome on a separate independent desktop space. If you want to maximize it on the current desktop, Option-Click the maximize button.

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If you want to full screen your browser on Mac while leaving TrainerRoad visible on top of it, you can do so with Firefox. Chrome and Safari create new desktops when full screened so it is not possible with them.

Otherwise, you can follow the excellent suggestions above when using Chrome or Safari. :slightly_smiling_face: