Mini mode and full screen browser

So what am I doing wrong or has the browser/TrainerRoad relationship fallen apart?

I launch TrainerRoad, select my workout and then prep YouTube; generally the race video playlist. From TrainerRoad I hit the minimal button and the app sinks into the bottom. I go fullscreen on YouTube and I loose TrainerRoad. So I app switch to TrainerRoad and I loose YouTube.
Any ideas?

resize your YT window to the size of available space, with the TR still in mini mode.

I use it like this all the time (yesterday in fact) and have no problems. My main TR device is a non-M1 Mac Mini on Big Sur (or Catalina?). Generally, I’m using Firefox as my browser.

I haven’t installed it on an M1-chipped machine yet.

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On my Mac Mini this only works if I use Firefox. If I use chrome or safari, the TR app doesn’t stay on top

This. Unless something has changed, you just need to resize the window.

At least for me, I can use videos in full screen if I use Firefox.

It also works fine with videos I have using VLC as the video player

Thought this would be a relevant place to drop this: Firefox has the ability to turn virtually any video on a page into a floating video. Just mouse over the tiny icon that is docked on the right side of the embedded video to make it float. I use this all the time while riding with TR. The video is resizable, so you can make it huge to fill the space above the mini player or tiny to float over the full-screen TR interface.

Thanks. Good to know, and will have to try this