Desktop Window Minimization Optimization [Feature Request]

I typically run TR on a relatively small PC laptop, minimize the TR window, and move it to the very bottom of the screen to while watching Netflix etc. (cutting off the bottom half like below)

I’m wondering if there is a way to further reduce the vertical space that is used in this minimized window to effectively ride and minimize the mental distraction from video content.

It is a somewhat simple request but would significantly improve my experience to just see relevant numbers at the very bottom and not cover subtitles of what’s playing. Given that many people use multiple screens, this won’t be an issue for them, but if we all could select from a couple different minimization “themes” it might provide a nice solution for everyone.

Congrats on AI FTP detection! Very awesome feature that is extremely appreciated!


Not that I know off…but I find moving the TR bar to the top right of the screen (click and drag it) covers far less of Netflixs! I move it right so I can only see the really important info. That way subtitles not covered

The challenge I’ve had with moving it to the top right is that the window snaps down so you can’t cover the top bar, and you also have the whole bottom section (100%, devices paired etc) which I don’t need to see.

Another solution could be to add the ability to easily hide & un-hide that bottom section with workout intensity, devices etc.

Thanks, all! Will pass this along to the team.

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I make the browser window slightly smaller and then slide it up so there’s less overlap with the minimized TR window.