Browsers Supporting Videos To Watch Videos While Training? Mozilla, Chrome, Safari all gone?!

Does anyone know of a browser that supports using the TR overlay while watching YouTube videos? At first you used to be able to minimize in Chrome and watch Youtube, then that stopped and you had to use Mozilla but I just tried it over the weekend and now that doesn’t work…

Anyone else have experience with this? Or suggestions? Do I just have to accept using TR on a tablet and watching videos on another screen?



Can you give a bit more details what you are trying to do, what operating system you are using, etc? Firefox definitely works for me for watching YouTube and seeing TR but maybe you mean something different?

Are you trying to do both on a tablet or laptop? Which model?

Perhaps this support article could be helpful?

If TR isn’t working in Minimal Mode, let us know and we’ll look into troubleshooting/fixes for you!

Try on a laptop, have always ran TR on my MacBook Pro and have for the longest time used Mozilla since chrome stopped working.

The other day I went to ride and loaded up TR and Mozilla to watch Ghent and it wouldn’t let me watch the youtube video with the TR minimized.

Using Mozilla as well on my Mac. Went to watch to Ghent the other day minimized TR as per usual with the button in the bottom right corner and it wouldn’t let me overlay, had to use Youtube in theatre mode instead.

Going to try again and see what’s going on.

Hey Zack, ya I tried that and it no longer works on my Mac. I can run TR in minimal mode but I can no longer put it in minimal mode and watch a youtube video on full screen regardless of the browser.

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The latest TR upgrade broke the ability to watch Netflix / YouTub in full screen mode and simultaneously run TR in minimized mode showing on top of the video.

If it helps, I’m on a M-1 Mac Mini running MacOS 14.4


Maybe should be a feature request but I would just like to be able to make the trainer road app when open 1/2 the screen or less on my Macbook Air it won’t shrink smaller than 2/3 of the screen in width.

I have the same problem but thought it was due to a Firefox update (version 124.0, released March 19):
“Firefox on Mac now uses the macOS fullscreen API for all types of fullscreen windows. This should better match the expected macOS user experience for fullscreen spaces, menubar and the Dock.”

You should still be able to use the “picture in picture” viewing mode to get a reasonably large video window with the minimal TR view below it. But I haven’t figured out how to get it working in full screen.


I really hope it wasn’t something done by TR, that would be super annoying…

See v1d’s post here; I haven’t tried it myself yet but am hopeful!

ETA: changing this setting seems to restore the old behaviour

For all reading this post still @ZackeryWeimer the issue appears to be with Native Player. If you go into Mozilla following the details posted by @philclayton it resolves the issue. Can you confirm Zack if this is the same with Chrome? I think this is something worth letting your users know, it’s not straight forward to change either.

Thanks for the info on this, all – our Test Team is looking into this now!


Hey everyone,

We currently have a fix for this in Beta! You can download the current version and try it out if you’d like.

This should make it to production if all goes well very soon. :slightly_smiling_face: