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I don’t know if there are other people out there like me, but I am in the habit of playing video games for all of my easy aerobic rides. At last check, I have over 400 hours in Slay The Spire, which I think is an almost perfect game for riding the trainer. I would be interested in changing things up though. Is there anyone else out there who plays video games as entertainment during their aerobic workouts? Any suggestions on other games that I should check out?


Whoa this could be a whole new angle to excuse my Crucible K/D…

[e] I am not recommending Destiny as a good trainer game. Just to be clear.

NHL94 on Sega Genesis - be careful with the cables though…


I have not tried it, but mario kart could be interesting. i bet you end up going to hard if in resistance mode. Curious what other people have tried. It seems like turn based stuff would be easier than things that have a reaction time component? Puzzle games would probably be to hard. Do you sit up or lean into aero bars or something?

On the topic of Slay the Spire! I was struggling hard to beat ascension 17+ with all characters when I started watching better players during my workouts (personally would recommend Lifecoach on twitch or jorbs on youtube).

Since you liked Slay the Spire there is a fairly similar game with a few fundamental differences that I highly enjoyed called Monster Train that should also work well on the trainer.

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I love this idea, but aero bars would be a must for this to work for me.


Yeah I’m trying to figure out how this would work. I could use a mouse but I’m sure my back would hate me without support from the handlebars for all that time. I guess a controller with aero bars could work?

I can recommend this mouse:
it is easy to hold it while resting your hands on handlebars + all buttons are reprogrammable in official drivers (even macros which is useful for things like open new tab, close tab etc).

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Civilization 6, Breath of the Wild, Spider-Man.


I rediscovered video games after a 15 year hiatus; my son and I needed something to do based on Covid killing all plans. I’m not able to admit how many hours I have on this game. :joy: It’s soooo good. Not sure if video games would work for me in the trainer but now I’m thinking about it…


Lol I was just thinking of the same thing!! If I’m reading this right, since my kids/family would be watching on the easy workouts and I’ve done this a few times already, I highly recommend games where you can sit up and have a BT/wireless controller to a PC or PS4/5 and playing Fall Guys! Fun game, easy controls and easy/fun to watch for everyone! I can pass the controller to my kids and they can play on some rounds. Haven’t been into games in a long long time until the pandemic and we were locked down or inside like so many.

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Lol it’s just so good. When I first played it a few summers ago (I’m a teacher) I had a few times where I’d eat breakfast and saying I’d play for awhile. I found myself getting hungry and not really sure why since I had a large breakfast. Check the time and realized I had been playing 6.5 hours! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Relatable! We’re currently revisiting Links Awakening, I find this little version to be somehow more challenging (maybe irritating?) than its big brother. But yeah more often than not I’ll play BOTW after work and look up and it’s 11pm oops

in years past, before I used TR or a SmartTrainer or data-driven indoor workouts, I played Diablo 3 on the Switch on a 4.5 hour indoor ride and it made it go by in no-time. this also did help me stay in my aerobars for most of the workout too…

I have to think that would mess with my concentration now though. even on my weekend long endurance rides… i feel like it would mess up my cadence goals. I dont know if I could do it without sacrificing the workout – especially something that isn’t so mindless.

I never thought to play games on a trainer! This is an interesting idea for those endurance rides. But I suppose Zwift is already a game.

I am a gamer - ever since I was 7 years old and I built my first computer with my father - I quit a few years ago as I didn’t see being stuck in front of the computer indoors was a good idea. But have restarted casually during the lockdown and since I’ve quit drinking. I play Rust mainly… its complete chaos but I love it! worth checking out.

I’m going to check out monster train. Thanks for the recommendation.

You can play pro cycling manager.


Maybe GT Bike V?


How about a silly bike tech sim :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me get this straight… they have a video game where you can simulate working on your bike hahaha… True pure awesomeness, what a time to live in.