Video Games - Recommendations

SMH moment for me as well :man_shrugging:

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wait. does this thing actually teach you bike maintenance? like, step by step how to adjust shifting, change a bottom bracket etc??

To be honest, I’ve done no more than skim the video out of morbid curiosity. They have a full site with more info to review for more details.

So odd but yup…


hahahahaha first a simulator for wrenching on bikes, then one for mowing the lawn? My personal hell! :joy:


Yup on my xbox x series game pass and was like really… i know some people dont to ever go outside but too funny.

I showed bike mechanic simulator to my 15 year old son, and he immediately showed me Power washer simulator


or Goat Simulator.


When I saw that FD bolt being undone turning the wrong way, I just couldn’t take any more. The chain breaking tool turning the wrong way - ok, I accepted that.

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That’s the only video game that matters

been playing elden ring since it came out. It’s been quite a fun challenge. currently on my second playthrough attempting to beat all the bosses without summoning any assistance. Been banging my head on Malenia for 3 days.


Want to finish Bloodborne first.

I was told to not play Bloodborne until i had finished some games i had already purchased. I tried. Now i am so hooked to Bloodborne. Very punishing game. But so good

The last of us I and II are phenomenal but the reaction times and button mashing might be hard to get nailed while you’re pedaling.


Playing Elden Ring while on the trainer?? I can’t even fathom having this much brain/reflex power available - even during endurance rides!

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I think I recall Nate playing call of duty during his rides. That takes some skill.

Vampire Survivors is great, simple and addictive.
Also Hades and Darkest dungeon can be great !
Any strategy games like Civilization, Endless space,…
Stardiew valley, Graveyard Keeper are pretty chill and you have stuff to keep your mind a bit busy.

Aren’t those games by chance lift up your HR? :face_with_monocle: hmm… endurance riding with HR at 170s… It might be good.

Elden ring is a great game. One of those where death sometimes just happens too often when you think you have nothing to worry about

I still prefer Sekiro but both very good games.

What type of setup are you guys using to do this?

I could see sticking a mousepad ish sized shelf on the wall and using that to play civ6 (or whichever turn based game). Seems like it’d create an odd motor pattern though with one hand perpetually just in front and above my handlebars.