VESPA hornet extract, anyone had experience?

VESPA Ultra-Concentrate 12 Pack - Vespa Power Products

VESPA as an Ergogenic Aid with Peter Defty | Koopcast Episode 127 - YouTube

Anyone with any experience? I do carb restrict sometimes (eggs and bacon for breakfast) I do train low sometimes, but i never fully restrict carbs especially for training. But i do like the sound of increasing the maximal fat oxidation for long events and preserving glycogen.

Reason for asking is that i have a full IM in 3 months, i have been training consistently (10-15hrs a week total, LV plan + outdoor/run/swim) and with good success so far especially since Christmas, but it would always be nice to have “unlimited” fuel on tap.

Just googling around it seems some love it, some find no difference. Its jsut seeing which camp i may fall into before shelling out the $$$

I’m no expert but it seems like it’s ‘just’ a food product.

There doesn’t seem to be any extra effects of royal jelly as seen on
Royal Jelly Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects |

Ye, the royal jelly, Vit C, Proplolis etc are just extras. “Apparently” its the wasp extract which is where the magic is.

Again, it could be a bit snakeoil-esque, hence asking here first. But it (on the face of it) seems akin/adjunct to ketones to keep glycogen for the hard stuff

It’s 175 mg of the hornet extract per packet so unless it somehow actually manages to do something ‘magic’ (in terms of fat oxidation/mobilization) I don’t imagine there’s much energy in and of itself.

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„Strategische“ Kohlenhydrate, wie funktioniert das? - LCHF Deutschland I have seen it in his photos on Strava (private). He seems to ride great distance, is diabetic and eats ketogenic. I hope that I am allowed to say that.

ah here is a quote from the website


Die letzten 3 Monate experimentierte ich mit [VESPA™], einem Beschleuniger/Katalysator für die Fettverbrennung (nicht LCHF-konform)! [Peter Defty], ein Biologe und Trainer von Weltklasse-Ausdauerathleten, hat diese Nahrungsergänzung – in Zusammenarbeit mit seinen Athleten und den Verfassern der oben angeführten FASTER Studie – entwickelt und über die Jahre verbessert! Der Hauptbestandteil von VESPA ist das natürlich vorkommende Peptid aus der Asiatischen Mandarin Wespe, welches höhere Fettstoffwechsel-Raten auch im Menschen triggert, weil die diesbezügliche Physiologie der tierischen Zelle jener der menschlichen sehr ähnlich ist. Dieses Produkt, das seine Wirkungsweise am besten im fettadaptierten Zustand (LCHF/ketogene Ernährung) entfaltet, ist ebenfalls ein Schlüssel für meine Verbesserung im Fettstoffwechsel und trägt auch wesentlich zur Regeneration bei. Am Ende der Trainingsperiode wiederholte ich den Leistungstest mittels Spiro-Ergometrie. Mit den Ergebnissen war ich mehr als zufrieden! Der Herzfrequenzbereich mit dem größten Fettstoffwechsel hat sich erweitert auf 131 bis 152 Schlägen/Minute (72-84% HF-Max) bei einer Leistung von 155 – 240 Watt. In diesem Intensitätsbereich „verbrenne“ ich nun 0,88 – 1,00 Gramm Fett/Minute.

Fat Metabolism Catalyst!

For the past 3 months I’ve been experimenting with [VESPA™], a fat burning accelerator/catalyst (not LCHF compliant)! [Peter Defty], a biologist and coach of world-class endurance athletes, developed this supplement - in collaboration with his athletes and the authors of the FASTER study cited above - and has improved it over the years! The main ingredient of VESPA is the naturally occurring peptide from the Asian Mandarin Wasp, which triggers higher fat metabolism rates also in humans, because the physiology of the animal cell in this respect is very similar to that of the human cell. This product, which works best in a fat-adapted state (LCHF/ketogenic diet), is also a key to my improvement in fat metabolism and also contributes significantly to recovery. At the end of the training period, I repeated the performance test using spiro-ergometry. I was more than satisfied with the results! The heart rate range with the greatest fat metabolism has expanded to 131 to 152 beats/minute (72-84% HR max) at a power of 155 - 240 watts. In this intensity range I now “burn” 0.88 - 1.00 grams of fat/minute.

You only need a bit over 17 packets a day every day. 12 week program is 1428 packets so almost $12,000 of those :-p

Methods: Twenty-four older women (aged 63.5±2.6 years) were randomly assigned to either the VAAM ingestion (3000 mg/day, n=12)
Results: After the 12-week exercise regimen, maximal oxygen uptake was significantly increased in those who ingested VAAM

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Results: After the 12-week exercise regimen, maximal oxygen uptake was significantly increased in those who ingested VAAM (from 25.3 to 27.7 mL/kg per min), but not in those who ingested the placebo (from 25.4 to 26.9 mL/kg per min). Intra-abdominal fat estimated by computed tomography was significantly reduced in those who ingested VAAM (from 102.0 to 83.3 cm2), but not in those who ingested the placebo (from 92.1 to 82.6 cm2). Total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels remained unchanged in both groups.

I guess an average difference between groups of .8 mL/kg?