Anyone tried this? (HVMN Ketone)

So I’ve seen some people (on YouTube) using this product during longer rides (2+ hours). The claims that I have seen / heard are that on longer duration rides it gives a feeing of high ‘energy’ which clearly (if true) would be great.

I’m not a ‘ketosis’ experienced rider and generally view my fat adaption as being poor. I seem to ride most effectively (In my own experience through trial and error) on any 1.5+ hour rides by steadily consuming simple carbohydrates in both liquid (beta fuel), gel (SiS) and food (banana / flapjack) form. This approach has worked better for me (in my own relatively limited experience) than trying to limit simple carbs in favour of a fat based diet approach.

My question is to those people who have actually used this product and has two aspects:

  • does it actually work to help provide more energy on longer rides? - if so to what degree in our own experience?
  • as someone who on longer rides currently mostly relies on carbs, am I likely to experience any appreciable benefit?

I’m thinking of buying some and testing it out on my next 100k+ ride but it seems ruinously expensive so I don’t want to pay for something if the probability is high that it won’t provide any appreciable benefit (yes I am a cheapskate) :laughing:

Thanks in advance

Tested it in a 100k MTB race. Ingested one ampule of exogenous ketones, one-half hour prior to the start. The goal was to delay consumption of calories until after the first hour, then bidons with 270cal/hour, gels PRN. Made it to 45 minutes before taking calories. When the dust cleared, I had consumed one fewer bottle and only half of the six gels that I carried. No gain, no drop in energy.
Some have experienced a keto high. Some have barfed from the taste. Probably not too calming for the stomach, but not terrible.
Next experiment will be trying a second ampule at the midpoint. It’s promising!

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My friend absolutely swears by it. He claims I’d give him an energy and focus he hasn’t had before when he has it late into a long ride.
He said it is hard to explain the feeling but advises me to get some.

No chance at that price point though. I’m not at the level to spend that kind of money.

Those are ketone esters. You could start with a cheaper (possibly less effective) route and try ketone salts. There are plenty out there now. 3 or 4 years ago there weren’t many, and they tasted absolutely horrible. Much better taste now. I like the brand Perfect Keto Base chocolate flavor. You can get it on Amazon. Still spendy, but not $30/serving spendy


Thanks guys !

I did a review on it for TriSwimCoach that you may want to check out:


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Great - that’s for that :+1::+1:

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I tried them on a century ride. Took a bottle around mile 60. No burst of energy. What I did experience about a 1/2 hour after taking them was an increased focus. It allowed me to “suffer” more/longer. When I needed to bridge up to a group it felt like I could focus on what I needed to do to close the gap. It didn’t give me more energy just seemed to help better direct what I had which allowed me to ride faster.

Not something I can afford to use on a regular basis but I plan to try it again at the start of a long ride rather than half-way through a ride.


My premise was: consuming exogenous ketones helps preserve muscle glycogen. I’m really excited to try adding the second mid-race dose after hearing your story!


Now that HVMN IQ (2.0) is at roughly $3/serving it seems worth a try. Those who have consumed do you have any further feed back?

Any new experiences using these type of products?


Thread necromancy in 2023…

I have two questions for people that have used ketone-iq.

1 - How much did you pay for it?

2 - Did you order more?

It seems that every single thing I’m hearing about it is sponsored content so it would be nice to hear experiences from consumers that actually purchased and use the product.

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I don’t use it, but I have a friend who does. He subscribes through HMVN, and buys in bulk, so he gets the bulk price plus a 10% discount for the subscription. It comes out to $3.60 per serving.

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I haven’t tried HVMN, but I just received a sample package from ketoneaide - it came with a bottle of the Ke4, Ke1, and Snake Water.
I just used the Ke4 yesterday on one of my threshold workouts and again this morning on my endurance ride. I took took 2 servings, equal to 10 mL and 5.0 grams of ketone ester fasted about 30 minutes before each session with some coffee.
What I noticed, which is completely anecqdotal, is that my rpe was lower during my threshold workout. I also felt increased focus and mind clarity. I was able to push harder on my last interval as if I had more gas in the tank. During my z2 outside ride today I felt good from the get-go after a roughly 6 am start time. This might not seem like a big deal but it was my birthday yesterday and I had a couple of glasses of wine and a couple of beers - so while I would normally be a little groggy or slow to start, I felt amazingly chipper and clear headed this am. I also think it diminished my hunger a little bit.
I definitely want to keep sampling it and trying it on a longer ride. I’m also going to try some Delta-G in the future and see if there is any difference there - the prices are pretty close.
I didn’t try the HVMN due to a video done online by @brendanhousler -
Unfortunately, I don’t have a ketone measuring device, so I have no clue how much it’s raising my levels…but so far, I like the effects.

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Thanks, this was helpful

I ordered this: Trial pack with 1 KE4, 1 KE1 and 1 SnakeWater 100ml $45
and to answer your other question - I will order again once I get a better handle of which product works for me in terms of dose, etc once I figure that out.


Don’t. Get real ketone esters. This is not what you want to take for performance. HVMN ketoneIQ is basically what KetoneAid sells as “hard ketones”. It’s nearly alchohol.

I’d recommend you do some research before you ingest Ketone IQ; their claims are insanely bunk.

I would post some articles that I’ve done and YT videos after being totally duped by HVMN, but they include a code to Delta G so that usually gets flagged as self promotion. they’re not hard to find if you look for it though.

Good luck!


yup, Ketonaide is much closer, the one thing in question is the purity of the product and how it is produced.

I’m 100% in the Delta G camp. Use the code if you do end up trying it, significant discount. DM me if you can’t find it.

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Well you’re clearly not biased… why would anyone believe you when you’re hawking another product.

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When you order from Delta G, you can get a test kit to measure you ketone levels. I’m not entirely sure how many bottles you need to get it for free, but when I ordered 9 bottles it was automatically included at no extra charge.