Pomegranate tablets for supplementation - Podcast 201

Can anyone help by providing a link to the recent scientific study that Chad mentioned in this podcast. It was a 2019 double blind study with about 26 amateur cyclists and concluded that pomegranate extract supplementation increased Time to Exhaustion and time to reach VT2 (Lactate Threshold/FTP…)

For information, I have attached the information from Euromed which claims that “time or end of maximal incremental exercise test increases by 14.2 %”



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Where can one purchase Pomanox? A quick search on the Internet does not help.

You can get “pomegranate extract” via Amazon. I’ve just ordered some in the UK. The study used the following dosage if it helps you decide

two capsules of PE (composition per capsule: 375 mg of POMANOX® P30 with 30% punicalagins; total amount of punicalagins α + β per capsule: 112.5 mg) per day, immediately after breakfast; that is, a total dose of 225 mg punicalagins/day, for 15 days of treatment

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Im seeing various doses on Amazon, which did you go for? I noticed a super strength at 10000mg per tab but decided there’s possibly something not right.

Yeah, I went for that one lol. It’s 10,000mg of the gross pomegranate extract which contains 250mg of the active ingredient so should be fine. They could’ve done a better job at explaining the content through…

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Thank you ill get some on order.

But do you know you’re getting the standardised % of punicalagins though? This is what I’m struggling with, and seems to be key from the study.

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Anyone worry about the provenance of this stuff? Is there any way to actually determine if it actually has the stuff that it says it has? I mean, the study that the guys mentioned on the podcast used a very specific source, and hopefully they tested it to make sure that it was consistent.

For whatever reason, I’m a little hesitant to pump grams of this stuff into my body, daily, given that it could have been made in someone’s basement and thrown up on Amazon.

I ended up ordering this one. Will take one capsule twice daily (breakfast and dinner).

I find the labeling on these products unclear. I am not a Dr., and I am inexperienced with supplements in general.

The study states that patients received 225mg of punicalagins per day (112.5 per tab)

I understand that punicalagins are found in pomegranates. I don’t understand whether punicalagins are just ground up pomegranate? Or are they processed further.

The products I have been looking at don’t actually say the word: “punicalagins”
The supplement that I am looking at:

Organika pomegranate
Pomegranate 4:1 Fruit Extract (Punica granatum L.)
225 mg
(Equivalent to 900 mg dried Pomegranate fruit powder)

Can anybody tell me if this is a similar product used in the study (assuming that the product is reputable)?

I’m looking at these ones; not sure how widely they’re available or what the shipping costs are like. But they at least are clear about the punicalagin content which seems to be the important factor in the study.


Hey TR folks,

Supplements (at least in the USA) are not FDA approved, and therefore they will vary one from another in their content without the FDA standardization.
Scientifically, the best practice in this case would be to use the same supplement used in the study, POMANOX, which I think someone said above is difficult to find and maybe not practical for us in the USA as it’s manufactured in Spain.
So I’m not sure where this leaves us. As a physician, it’s hard to recommend one specific supplement over another because of the standardization issue. Some websites seem downright sketchy.

This one describes the punicalagin content.

Curious what Nate bought.


I believe he bought these…

Thanks… good find. I just ordered these:

About 2 minutes after I clicked home the Life Extension caplets I received a response from PomonoxTM suggesting a French webshop that sell the caplets actually containing pomonoxTM


(Use googe chrome with translate if you do not speaky french.)

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I’m also really interested in getting some of these capsules. As others have mentioned the key thing to look out for seems to be the punicalagin content.

These on eBay claim 160mg:

Or the Life Extension ones can be had here a bit cheaper in the UK but claim 120 mg:

However I think I’m going to order the ones from France (https://www.nutrixeal.fr/granapur-grenade-bio-ultra-concentree-c2x12429049) that were used on the trial to be certain. It costs 94.58 euro (inc postage) for 4 months supply which isn’t that cheap but… gains!

This was difficult to source, I wanted to stick with what has been used in the study. Pomanox. Many of the offerings on Amazon&Co are quite unclear about the actual composition. And the composition can vary quite heavily depending on varieties, growing and post-harvest conditions. I really wanted to have a standardized product.

I could find this in an online shop in Luxembourg:

Pomanox P30


Thanks Just ordered these as well !

Ordered these as well via

www.nutrilife-shop.de (German)

Alternatives are

www.nutrilifeshop.com (French)

www.nutrilifeshop-italia.it (Italian)

All of them ship to

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal und Romania

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