Vacation period between Blocks

Hello all.
I’m new to TR and i’m going to start my training this next week with the Ramp Test.
I have a question however.
You see, i have vacations coming up on the 25th of August for a period of 2 and a half weeks.
So my question is, i’ve selected the 1st block of the Base Training which ends on the week i’m going on vacation. After that ends, i’ll go on vacation. So when i get back after those 2 and a half weeks, where should i resume my training? Should i go to the next block even though i had a 2 week’s gap between blocks?
Or should i just do the 1st block all over again?

Thank you very much for your help.

Just start block 2 when you have come back. Each block starts with a ramp test to set your training zones, so if you gain or lose fitness during your vacations, that will be accounted for.

Oh, didn’t realised there was a Ramp Test at the start of each block.
Thx for the help mate