Using TR and Zwift Concurrently

Yep, a touch more for those, but from local(ish) stores. It will be a few weeks anyway, with the bump in budget!

tbh, only I don’t see myself as a long term zwifter, Apple TV and new TV probably would be the better bet.

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I decided a gaming laptop was too much of a stretch, so my Apple TV is expected to be delivered today! Even if it ends up meaning a new TV!

Quite enjoying the “gamification” to be honest. Means I’m not exactly following the TR workouts 100% of the time, but my “A” event is September now!

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Obviously it arrived for a rest day, but did a quick spin around London Classique last night (might as well knock off another route :smiley: ). First impressions good on Zwift versus casting from my phone. Probably not the detail of a proper gaming set up, but miles better than I was getting. Edges missing on the TV - not sure it’s enough to justify an upgrade though!

Apple itself as much as a faff as I expected, having to register on itunes by PC etc. Had to uninstall and reinstall as my finger slipped on the remote and didn’t give permission for bluetooth - couldn’t find the option to give it. Remote was going ok up to then, but its a bit irritating!


So I’m trying to use Zwift and TrainerRoad at the same time, Zwift on Apple TV through the companion app on my iPhone (Bluetooth) , and TrainerRoad on my 2013 Macbook Pro with a Ant+ dongle. I’m using a Tacx Flow smart trainer, a cadence sensor, and a polar h7 hrm. I’m also using bluetooth earphones (airpods pro) to listen to podcasts on by phone

Yesterday I did a 90 minute workout (phoenix) on TrainerRoad, connected to zwift at the same time. While it technically worked, the workout on TrainerRoad was constantly stoping and resuming a couple seconds later. For 3 or 4 occasions, the power number disappeared, only to return a few seconds later. Overall, my workout duration on Zwift was about 3 minutes longer than in TR, because of all the dropouts and stops in TR.

Do you have any tips to resolve this issue? I think this might have something to do with the 4 fans I’m running. It appears that when I turn the fans on, the Ant+ connections get very unstable. Bluetooth stays stable, so no connection problems to zwift on Apple TV.

I just bought a USB extension cable to get the Ant+ dongle near the trainer/cadence sensor. Hope this helps. Any other ideas?

Not resolving anyone’s issues with this, but my approach was to program a Zwift workout from TR. Can be a bit tedious, but works well enough for most workouts. I can’t be bothered to try and get multiple devices working.

This has been discussed many times before. It appears to be against the TR terms and conditions, and a violation of TR intelectual property.

But yes, trying to connect both apps to all the sensors and trainer is a real pain…

I have the same setup. Zwift on Apple TV, TR on a mac laptop with an ant+ dongle. The same thing happens to me multiple times per ride. It’s only a few seconds, so I don’t get too upset by it. I’ve hear that maybe a USB extension cord to get the dongle closer to the trainer could solve the issue.

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USB extension sounds like a good plan. Did you deactivate bluetooth for TrainerRoad? There is something in the advanced settings of TR (at least for windows). Not sure if that resolves your issues but who knows… Can’t hurt. I disabled it and have no issues with TR via Ant+ & Zwift via BT running on the same Laptop.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 21.40.22


I’ll try that. I was using Bluetooth to connect to my HR monitor, but I can try using another band with ant+.

The USB extension is on the way, I’ll try to position it under the bike, between the cadence sensor and the trainer. Hope it solves the issue.

One other thing I can try is to run everything on the mac (zwift and trainerroad) and then cast it with AirPlay to the Apple TV. I may try that too, to see if it helps.

One other thing that I ordered is a CABLE ant+ to Bluetooth converter, to try to use the Ant+ connections on the Apple TV with Zwift, and keep the more stable BT connection to trainerroad (either on the mac or even on the iPhone). But that thing is going to take probably more than a month to arrive (ships from the US and I live in the EU).

Lets see if I can get this sorted, I really like the two apps.

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Until now it hasn’t had any negative impact on the workouts I did, but I imagine if it happens during short interval training, it will totally mess up the workout. I did Shasta last week with 20 seconds 200% FTP intervals, and it would suck if those dropouts/pauses happened in the during the intervals.

If this persists, I’d for sure get in touch with our support team. Device dropouts or the app ‘freezing’ can be super multi-faceted or come from any number of sources, but the good news is, our support team is super good at isolating the cause!
You can email, or submit a request online! Helpful information to include is your operating system, devices, TrainerRoad username and version, and the most recent ride you can recall when this instance took place. They’ll get you sorted! :raised_hands:


Thanks, I’ll definitely do that if I can’t sort this out by myself.

Yesterday I did some testing, positioning my laptop in different spots to test the signal stability, and as I suspected the signal gets completely stable when the Ant+ dongle is located at ground level, between the trainer and the cadence sensor.

Today I tested this location doing a workout in TR and Zwift at the same time, with the laptop located in that position, and it worked flawlessly. Not one single dropout, even with the 4 fans running and airpods pro connected to iPhone.

Of course this is far from ideal since the laptop is in a location where I can’t see the screen and it’s just sitting on the floor next to the bike. But the USB extender cable I ordered should arrive tomorrow, which should solve the issue, locating the Ant+ dongle in that “sweet spot” (no pun intended), and allowing me to put the laptop running TR in a better position in front of the bike next to the TV running zwift through the Apple TV.

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Nice! Glad you went through some of those initial Device Dropout troubleshooting steps, it’s comical how simple things like moving the ANT+ closer make such a significant difference. :roll_eyes:

The USB extender should definitely help strengthen that connection! But of course, reach out to us if you still experience issues. :raised_hands:


Just to give an update, today I used the USB extender to bring the Ant+ dongle closer, and it worked flawlessly. Just have to position the sensor on the floor right between the trainer and the cadence sensor.

Also worth mentioning, I bought an active USB cable, to minimize any signal loss. Don’t know if makes any difference.


Has anyone tried this? I tried it briefly and it didn’t work for me last night.

  1. connect Garmin edge to wahoo kickr or other smart trainer, it connects via ant+

  2. assign TR workout as an outside workout
    Theory - Garmin edge should control the smart trainer in ERG mode

  3. Zwift on Ipad/other device can connect to wahoo kickr by bluetooth

  4. run “indoor trainer” workout on garmin edge

I tried this last night, and the workout starts on edge, the zwift responds and accurately reflects the power generated, but the only thing that does not work, is that the outside workout on garmin does not control the resistance and I’m not sure how to engage ERG mode.

If anyone has been successful at this, please let me know. I’d make it so easy just to push workouts to garmin device and let garmin device control the erg mode on the kickr.

Is the Garmin seeing the trainer as a “trainer” or a “power meter”? That would be the first thing to check.

I don’t know which Kickr you have, but the Kickr ‘18 and Kickr Core (and probably the Kickr '20) support two concurrent Bluetooth connections, so if you have a smartphone or laptop in addition to your iPad, you can run Zwift and TR concurrently that way. Just make sure that Zwift isn’t controlling the trainer in the pairing menu. It should only be reading the power from the trainer, which is being controlled in ERG mode by the TR app.

This is what I’ve been doing and it works perfectly.

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Looks like most of the Zwift + TR posts focus on the technical getting-both-to-work-simultaneously aspect. (Please point me to threads that aren’t, I can’t find them.) My question is HOW do you use both at the same time?
I’ve tried TR workouts with “group rides,” but fall back during rest intervals. So that sorta sucks. Does everyone else just randomly ride around (or do the “formal” Zwift routes) while doing TR workouts, or am I missing some fun way of integrating the two apps?

Exactly that is what I do.

If you want to do group rides and parallel a TR workout you could either choose a very big event (you just get washed back to different group when resting) or choose a group ride with a rubber band effect setting. Both not really ideal IMHO.

In the end for me it’s just about visual distraction hence I just do random rides / collect badges.


For me (and honestly, I don’t love Zwift, just enjoy it a little), it allows me to have a BIT of a visual to engage with, see somewhat how this power feels in comparison to other riders, and gives me a sense of ‘progress.’ Honestly it’s barely worth it and I’ll probably nix Zwift soon.