Using TR and Zwift Concurrently

Its been a while but doesn’t Zwift still let you select/deselect what 3rd party services you want to share your ride with on the save screen? Back when I was using both TR and Z, I would let TR sync with Strava and Garmin and then deselect those services on the Z save screen so I still get the ride logged in Z for reference.

Hello - this old chestnut again.

While this used to work for me, I don’t seem to be able to do this anymore. Whichever app I launch first seems to hog the ANT connection…

Additionally, in TrainerRoad, my Kickr shows up as one device with both ANT and BT symbols. Is there a way to split it? I could connect my Flux in such a manner…

I do this, but I have power meter pedals which I hook up to Zwift and then my trainer is an Elite Suito which I hook up to TR for erg mode.

I hook it up to Zwift mainly for the drops and levelling up.

Can you list your exact devices and available connection (BLE and ANT+) for Zwift and TR?


  • Macbook Pro (Catalina) with ANT+ dongle
  • Kickr
  • Favero Assioma (ANT)
  • Garmin HR (ANT)

I don’t bother using the BlueTooth connections for any device.

I would typically have both applications reading power from the PM. In Zwift, I’d tell it to ignore any ‘Controllable’ source; TR would use PowerMatch on the Kickr,

Both applications should be happy reading the ANT streams from all devices, per my previous experiences, but apparently not.

From my experience, I have had to use one ANT+ dongle per app, on my PC. I don’t know how the Mac works, so it could be different.

The update to the TR desktop app seems to be giving more problems like this than the older version.

You might try reversing the app launch and pairing order (if you haven’t already) to see if that makes a difference.

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I’m currently having the best luck with launching Z first, then pairing TR. I only occasionally have issues getting my HRM to pair with TR after it’s paired to Z. I use both ANT dongle and BT.

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Sorry: I drafted this, but never hit reply. Additional information below!

I’ll give it a shot.

My back-up plan is that I’ll run Zwift on the phone and use the BT connections – I’m less fussed about HR

I did this… but I really don’t know what’s happening. The devices are being lumped together.

When I turned Bluetooth off – so that the phone would be the one to connect with that protocol – the only device recognised was the power meter (ANT). Not even the ANT signal from the Kickr…

(Note, my Garmin HR died due to watersweat ingress…, so now running the Tickr)

I agree with Chad, I think you need two Ant+ dongles in order to run both apps together.

I’ve been using Zwift with TR since the weekend. Chrome casting is ok in watopia but getting break up in London/ New York etc.

Given this could be an extended period, I’m considering going the Apple TV route. I assume 32gb is enough for zwift (and maybe netflix/ Prime)?

I’m still planning on sticking with TrainerRoad for training, but zwift will replace the outdoor group spin - quite enjoyed Innsbrook last sunday, have my first group ride lined up for Sunday morning. At the moment, I’m listening to news (need to for my job) rather than my traditional netflix/ eurosport entertainment options .

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Doing something very similar, replacing usual outdoor rides/races with Zwift on 2-3 days/week, TR structure the other days. Running Zwift in parallel to TR just to build up some miles and get some more kit!

My setup is run TR on ipad using BT, connect that first. Then open Zwift up on the laptop with ANT+ dongle, making sure the trainer is only paired for power and not control. I’m still watching netflix, so I mostly ignore the Zwift screen. Seems to be working fine, ANT+ dongle occasionally loses signal for a few seconds but not an issue as it’s not controlling the trainer and I’m not riding with a group so doesn’t matter if I’m sat by the side of the road for a few seconds while it reconnects.

When I’m doing a Zwift session I run it on the ipad with BT pairing as for me that seems much more reliable for controlling the trainer.


Luckily, work were kind enough to supply with a Samsung phone, so Ant+ enabled! I run Zwift on that, TR on my Android “TV” box as before, and then Companion App on my personal phone. Haven’t really “got” the whole chat interaction bit.

But definitely looking at logging the km’s for kit and routes!

Might also look at mini-pc’s for Zwift, if I can work out the minimum spec atom processor versus laptop/ desktop which zwift states in it’s spec’s. Plug and play of apple tv pretty attractive though.

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Hi, tried the zwift forums, but not that as helpful as here (i.e. no replies)!

Can any techie advise me where a laptop with the following spec stands in the zwift minimum/ recommended spec spectrum, please? 8GB Ram, Intel Core i5-8250U and Intel UHD Graphics 620? It’s basically the graphics that are potential issue?

I was looking at Apple TV, but had read of sizing issues on older TV’s. I’m currently chromecast mirroring from Android, to somewhat blurry effect in all but watopia (even in none 1988 mode!). I suspect this may be TV related as much as casting. Apple TV + New TV puts me in laptop ballpark money wise, I think, and I can justify in the current home working and home schooling environment!

I’m enjoying the TrainerRoad + Zwift experience more than I thought to be honest! After being somewhat of a naysayer against “gamification”!

Have you had a look here:

Type in 620 in search field and you’ll see how Zwift runs with similar specs to your laptop.
Looks like you could probably run it but just at lower resolution. You could download it and see how it runs? Even upload the log file to the above site to see what works best?
I’ve just started trying this setup - since bought a month of Zwift for racing. Running TR on iPad and Zwift on PC with ANT dongle.


Having played a little with this recently:

TR on MacBook Pro with ANT+ dongle, Zwift on iPad, doesn’t work for me. Zwift always ends up taking control of Hammer (H1). Have tried every combination of starting up and unpairing “controllable trainer” in Zwift.

As alluded to in post above, have ended up resurrecting an old gaming machine that children weren’t using with a Radeon RX 470 gaming card and an older i5 with 8GB of RAM (they’ve not noticed yet it’s missing!) Bought a cheap TV bracket off Amazon for the old FHD monitor.

Now run Zwift on that with ANT+ dongle and TR on iPad controlling Hammer. This seems to work fine. Haven’t tried the other way around yet - Zwift on iPad and TR on PC but will report back if anyone interested …

That’s the way round I’m using it currently but I also have another way of ensuring zwift does’t try taking control of my kickr.

  1. Garmin Vector 2 pedals set as ANT+ power source for Kickr within Wahoo app (like using TR powermatch but my Garmin pedals are ANT+ only and run TR on ipad that only has bluetooth).
  2. Zwift running on Macbook with an ANT+ dongle, bluetooth turned off. This connects to my Garmin Vector pedals for power and cadence, HR strap also connected.
  3. iPad Pro running TrainerRoad connecting to Kickr over bluetooth and HR strap.

The one downside to above is I don’t get cadence info in my TR workouts - further don the line I might regret this and could fit a wahoo cadence sensor as well but I really can’t be bothered if honest.

So this way Zwift doesn’t even know I have a kickr, it just reads the power from my pedals and the kickr also uses pedals for power source leaving TrainerRoad free to interact with kickr without any interruptions so far.
I’m sure to others on Zwift my riding looks a bit weird - riders using Zwift workouts are identified so you can understand when they surge during intervals - I just look like a dick who doesn’t want to be overtaken as you can guarantee every effort coincides with another rider having just past me!

I don’t have it, only (on-line) shopping at the moment!

Ah I see - what sort of budget do you have? Will it stretch to a laptop with discrete graphics?

It will I think, just not immediately. It will be “the family” device, but the graphic requirements are all mine. Probably a few weeks off - lockdown will help save I guess.

Something like the Medion Erazer P6689 seems about the cheapest, ballpark €700. Intel Core i5-8250U 8GB 1TB GTX 1050 4GB

Sounds a good plan to me. Acer Nitro 5 range quite good value. And HP Pavilion Power …