Feature Request: One-Way Strava Sync

Hi Guys,

I /think/ I’m going to like the Calendar feature though I was hesitant at first. Mostly b/c I’m not a serious racer but like to track my rides (I really only bike). I have been using Strava for this purpose but it’s not… the most rigid/serious means of doing this. The question/request I have is this: Is there a way to only sync rides /from/ Strava /to/ TR? I ask b/c when I use TR, I also run Zwift (concurrently) so there’s something interesting to watch (sorry, blue bars don’t cut it for me :wink: ). But I always allow Zwift to sync with Strava. I don’t want TR to also sync up to Strava, giving me two workouts and requiring a deletion of a workout. Not a /huge/ problem but it would be nice not to have doubles show up.

Alternatively, if I could upload .fit/.gpx files directly to TR’s calendar that would also work. But since all my other methods sync with Strava (Wahoo Elemnt, for instance), I’d rather use Strava as my central location for the source .fit files.

There are workarounds, but pulling in all of my old Strava workouts without then having duplicates all over the place would be kinda nice.

Keep up the amazing work! I’m glad I joined as your workouts are far better than Zwift’s and using both is a great combo.


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Unfortunately, once we set up sync with Strava it’s a two-way street. We pull all workouts uploaded to Strava, and they grab whatever rides are done on TR, which is why you’re getting duplicates. We have some data logic that should exclude workouts if they were started within a certain time range of a TR ride, so I would make sure you start your rides as close together as you can. Otherwise, you’ll just have to delete the duplicated workout on your Calendar.

In the future, uploading .fit/.gpx files directly to the Calendar is something we would like to add, but that functionality isn’t available at the moment.

When I run Zwift alongside TR, I just discard the the Zwift ride when I’m done

And that’s what I would do as well: discard the dupe. It’s not a big deal, as mentioned, but would be nice not to have it happen. I do look forward to the .fit./.gpx upload feature though.

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This would be good agreed.