Using PL to choose long Sunday Z2 ride in SSB plan

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. Last year, I always chose the optional Z2 Sunday ride in the various plans. This aligns well with my general goal of simply cruising faster on longer rides. And for the last several months, I’ve been doing TBHV I,II,III which have long Z2 Sunday rides automatically.

But today I started on SSBHVI, and am wondering if instead of choosing the long Z2 ride recommended in the plan notes, I should instead use my Z2 PL to intelligently choose a Z2 ride at my level. These are (mostly) around PL 7, which is about where my PL was anyway until after my 4.5% FTP bump on the ramp test this morning. (Yay me.) Now I’m at a 5.9 which makes the question at least interesting.

What say you? Should I choose a Productive Z2 in the 3 hour range or go with the recommended which are now in my stretch category. (Of course, if I succeed, they won’t be stretches anymore …)

I did SSB1 and 2 HV using long z2 on tuesdays and Sunday’s. My philosophy for the rides was basically doing rides where the intensity doesn’t go back 70%. As it turns out my last 4hr ride was a level 7. But i didn’t really use progression levels for that, just duration ramping and keeping it 70% and below

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