Using garmin edge indoors to get more training data

Do you all train with your Garmin Edge indoors? If so, how do you pair it to your indoor trainer? I was wondering if it will affect my cycling v02 max and training effect displayed on my Garmin cause I have never noticed any cycling v02 max on my Garmin before. Thank you.

If you want Garmin training load and extras yes you need to. Not 100% necessary.

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How do you pair it? Thanks

Like any other sensor but pair it as a power meter usually unless you want it to control the resistance which you would pair as a smart trainer. I do the first one though.


I also pair my Kickr as just a power meter to Garmin 530. Then I use the TrainerRoad app to change modes, lately I’ve been using Standard mode and setting level curve via TR app.

I’ve also used TR app to control the entire workout in Erg.

Both my phone and 530 are mounted on the handlebars. Nice and compact, I prefer having TR on mobile but have used the computer as well.

The Garmin simply collects power and HR to feed the load and other metrics (VO2max, training effect, etc.).

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Same as above. I pair the trainer as a power meter only, NOT as a trainer. I pair it via Ant+.

I also run Zwift concurrently with TR on a laptop. I pair all of my sensors (HR, cadence, trainer power) to Zwift via Ant+ dongle and everything else (HR, cadence, trainer power, trainer controllable) to TR via BLE, which for me has the fewest dropouts. Hope this helps.

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Thank u so much

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It does help. Thanks!

Appreciate the help. Cheers!

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