Powertap power reading on Garmin edge vs TR

The Power reading on my Garmin Edge and TR power are different. On the Garmin, it can be 10-15% higher than on the TR screen. I am using the Power tap P1 double pedal and cyclops fluid 2 trainer.

When I’m spinning for Vo2max for 230w, my Garmin will show 260-270w. After every sets, my Garmin always reflects a higher average power as compared to TR.

Should I follow the TR or my Garmin POWER? The TR power almost killed me at Vo2 max and those tougher last few weeks.

You need to check you are comparing the same values in the garmin and tr. Sounds like a power smoothing setting or maybe calibration issue.

I’ve only ever used trainer power in tr and power meter on garmin so never actually compared the two displays with the same source.

Forgot to say you should follow the tr one. If that’s how you test, then that’s how you should train. No ?

Are you connecting to TR via ANT+ or Bluetooth? I presume the Garmin is on ANT+

I’m wondering if this is the issue where ANT+ sums the power from each pedal individually but bluetooth can only connect to 1 pedal and doubles its power output. I can’t remember if the P1 still does this or if it was ironed out in firmware. It certainly used to.

If you have a LR imbalance that could certainly be causing this

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Hmm… My TR is on bluetooth … Garmin I’m not too sure if it is BT or ANT+

Which Garmin is it? It’s most likely to be ANT+

I have dual Powertap P1s and having previously checked with the excellent TR support they aren’t able to do dual-sided readings from the P1s via Bluetooth as @pirnie says. I use a ANT+ adaptor for my tablet as a result - I’m sure your issue is the resulting from that same thing.

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Edge 820. should be ANT+

I’d guess that’s your problem then. What’s your l/r split on outdoor rides?

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I have Power P1’s… interesting why the data is so different between Garmin head unit and TR…but my view is save yourself a headache, use the P1 data into TR - if your trainer is ERG (FE-C) capable i believe the power match feature in TR will use the P1 data and that will then control the turbos resistance to efforts… if not just use P1 data into TR … data will be available in whatever apps you have enabled permissions on…

Got a ANT+ and connected to my Mac…

I should have asked long ago. That solved my power discrepancies issues. Now the Vo2max are still tough but manageable. :grinning: