How do you Dual record on Garmin and app?

Ok I know this has been explained before but I’ve been searching on mobile and can not find it. I have a new Garmin edge 1030 plus and iPhone. I want to use the iPhone for workouts and record the workout on the Garmin indoors for the metrics in Garmin Connect folding into my forerunner 945 lte non-cycling workouts. It appears Garmin has delayed the trainerroad Garmin training metrics update and it might not include everything, so I’ll do the dual record for now.

Kickr core
SRAM axs power meter spider
Garmin Edge 1030 plus
Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE (irrelevant in this case but cool)
iPhone XS

Again apologies because I’m certain this has been asked and answered but my searching is just not finding it at all.

Run TR from your iPhone and connect it to the Kickr core using Bluetooth.

On the Edge 1030 connect to the Kickr Core using Ant+.

If you have a heart rate monitor, connect it to the phone using Bluetooth and the Edge via Ant+.

Start pedaling to start your workout in TR on the phone, and press Start on the Edge.

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Or if you are doing inside and outside workouts, a simpler solution is to make all workouts “outside” and let your 1030 control the trainer.

And this doesn’t cause an issue with two things trying to control the trainer? I guess the Garmin is just passively receiving as long as you don’t hit the power adjustment buttons. Thank you! Seems so simple now but I was scratching my head.

You don’t use the TR app in that scenario

Are there any drawbacks to this? During my search I read sometimes the outside workout changes somewhat?

Connect the Kickr to the Edge as a power source, NOT a controllable trainer.

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I’ve not seen any drawbacks.

Originally I tried single recording on my Garmin because of some minor differences between power recording on TR app (Bluetooth) and Garmin (ANT+). I’m using PowerMatch and only having one recording was simpler. And then I discovered that resistance was more natural, more like riding outside. And finally I enjoyed having the same interface inside and outside for executing a workout. For me, this is preferred over using a Garmin outside and TR app inside. But it is simply a preference.

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Do as @rkoswald says, or pair your Kickr with your phone running TrainerRoad, and pair your powermeter with your Garmin (making sure it’s also paired as a cadence sensor. Set up an indoor profile on your Garmin with GPS off. Pair your HR monitor with both.

Key things are remembering you can’t have something paired with more than one device over bluetooth and turn GPS off indoors on your Garmin.

Do you need to now? According to DC Rainmaker you can record a work out on an app now and it automatically updates Garmin Training Status.

I use the indoor setting on the Garmin (830 for me) which auto starts when I reach whatever speed it is set for (4 MPH? 6?). Everything connects to my Garmin via Ant+. I pair the trainer and pedals to a phone via BT for power match because my trainer is nowhere close to correct. The workout on the app starts when I pedal, the Garmin starts when I reach a certain speed, everything records.

I ignore any TR data, I am just using TR for the workout only. TSS, etc on the calendar is worthless for me so I don’t bother looking at it.

So I got it working this morning than you
All for the help. I’m going to try pushing them as an outside workout this afternoon to see if I like that better. The idea of the same interface both in and out is intriguing.

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