TrainerRoad , Strava, Garmin Connect question

Ok, I hope I can simply state this question. I track my training via Garmin connect, it has the Activities, Health stats, Performance stats, , all of these are updated with each “real” Outdoor ride from my Garmin Edge 530. When Im on my Tacx Neo trainer indoor, I use my Phone with TrainerRoad to control my session in Erg mode. All of these indoor rides are recorded in Strava and also in Garmin Connect(it shows the ride time the mileage the power etc ) but because Im not using my Edge 530 for the recording of the indoor ride none of the ride data crosses over into the Performance and Health Stats, but it has the whole ride in the daily activities . Any clue? Thanks!

Yup that’s true. The performance and training stats won’t update unless you record it on a Garmin device. The way I understand it is that the calculations are done on the devices and not on Garmin connect.

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Dual record. Use TrainerRoad to control, and 530 connected to trainer as power meter only (not smart trainer). I do the with Kickr and it works fine. I’m assuming you trainer supports transmitting both ANT+ and BLE at the same time. So 530 via ANT+ and TR by BLE or ANT+. You’ll need to do the same with heart rate monitor.

The alternative is to do outdoor workout on just 530.


You can upload TR training to Edge 530 as outdoor ride and use it indoor - 530 can control trainer in ERG too. This way you have all your recordings consistent.

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Not sure how to connect the. 530 as a power meter only recording device. If I’m controlling my smart Tacx Neo with TrainerRoad, and hook up the Garmin wont the Garmin fight for control?

You are able to connect smart trainers as simply any other power meter. So that your Garmin will only be receiving data from it but not able to send any instructions to it. Trainers can have two ‘channels’ (settings/modes/whatever the correct term is), one that allows for two way communication (connect this to TR) and one that just sends the power data (connect this to your Garmin).

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The 530 allows you to connect to a smart trainer as either a power meter, or a controllable smart trainer. If you connect it as a power meter, there is no fighting with the TrainerRoad app, and the 530 will simply collect power data.