Updated Strava App - keeps crashing?

Yesterday I got a message that Strava had updated their App - mainly cosmetic changes from the look of it, location of and navigation to features etc.

Looked ok I guess

Now, as of this morning, App doesn’t work properly; home page won’t load properly and same with ‘profile’ tab etc.

Tried reinstalling but no difference. Using an iPhone X.

Edit: screen shots below of error messages:

Anyone else having a similar experience? / resolved it?

Same here. New Strava = Rubbish

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Mine updated this morning and no issues

Website and strava app are not working for me either.

https://status.strava.com/ shows that the strava.com website and the strava APIs are expeciencing an outage right now.

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Thanks - that’s useful info - guess they are on the case so it will be resolved soon :+1:t2:

Its finally up for me after being down first thing.

Im having dramas too, My rides won’t send to Strava after latest update… Does anyone have a fix?

If Strava crashes, did it still happen?


Patience whilst they fix their poorly tested buggy release.


No issues for me. The real question is if you don’t complain about strava how will everyone know you’re a truly serious cyclist?

No fix but experiencing the same problem.

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Working fine for me here.
Nice refresh of the app, but some features are still so hidden away.

Strava Status - Incident History Looks like it went down but issue was resolved

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I notice in the app the little dot on the ride sync symbol for Strava is Red, I’ve tried unsyncing and giving permissions etc to no avail.

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Still experiencing the syncing issue, as in I cannot sync my TR workout and had to upload manually.
Also my wife went for a run with her Strava app for Apple Watch and it won’t sync to the iPhone app afterwards. :man_shrugging:

Yeah my outdoor ride synced alright. But my Trainerroad ride from Thursday still won’t sync.

No sync issues on my end. Outdoor, zwift, and TR all working as before.

The new maps/heat maps area is by far my fave.