Strava rides no longer sync to TR

Is anyone else experiencing this at the moment? I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the two apps in question multiple times, from the TR end. Upon reconnection TR (web) subsequently hangs while displaying ‘syncing (x) of (y) rides’

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

I am a free Strava user and my ride synched from Strava to TR last night. It did take longer then usual, when I checked 10 minutes after completing my ride it had not synced but 30 minutes later it was there

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Thanks for sharing… I’ve actually got a paid strava account and this issue has been persisting for the entire week - no sync for any rides whatsoever. Maybe its just me then?

One thing that sometimes works is to break and remake the link between the services.

Otherwise, contact if you haven’t already done so.

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