Strava Sync Issue 'Resolved ✅’

Is anyone else having an issue with syncing to Strava today? I’m proud of the work I just did…I hope it syncs!

I have tried to use the “re-sync” function but it failed as well.

Any other fixes I can try?

Thanks in advance!

My ride was outside today but other times for some daft reason, I’ve had to disconnect and reconnect my wifi and wait 5-10 minutes after clicking ‘re-sync’.

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Is anyone having problems today syncing to Strava ? My PC TR app seems very slow tonight abd whilst it has eventually synced my completed workout to the Android app, the TR web site and Garmin Connect its refusing to sync to Strava and the pc app syncs indefinitely and the android app quickly returns an error. It is probably just a case of waiting or uploading the garmin recorded version to Strava

Looking into this now for you!

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May be a problem with Strava? I suddenly have problems syncing to Strava from Wahoo Element .

@HLaB It looks like Strava had some scheduled maintenance around the time you were having trouble ( - Site Maintenance ) followed by some reported outages and issues that were resolved last night ( - Investigating site and mobile app outages).

Can you let me know if you’re still experiencing syncing issues?
If so, can you try to grab a screenshot of that Android app ‘error’ message? Thanks for letting us know!

Same for you @Sweatdaily, has this since resolved?


Its a rest day today but whilst my hand cranked 45s TR ride didn’t automatically sync to Strava I was able to click on the sync to strava on the web site and the app isn’t giving me re-sync error. :crossed_fingers: it was just too short, I’ll try it with a proper workout tomorrow :+1:

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Yes, it’s been resolved. Thanks for asking.

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Thanks for keeping me updated, all!

TR synced tonight’s workout to Strava no problem, thanks :+1:

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Awesome! Happy to hear it. Im going to mark this thread as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’, but please check in or DM if you see issues moving forward and we can look into it.

Keep that site in mind, too, to check if there are reported outages or scheduled maintenance when you’re having trouble.


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