Unsure what to focus on

Hi guys,

I’ve been using TrainerRoad for a couple of months now after stopping last summer. I did peak with a 4.4 power to weight ration. I’m currently doing SSB2 mid volume.

My current power to weight ratio is 3.79
FTP is 218.

I’m planning to race some mtb marathons next spring and summer and I’m worried my ftp is too low and my weight as well. I’m pretty sure as I go deeper in my training that I’ll even go lighter.

This early in the season, should I just concentrate in gaining muscle mass to produce higher wattage down the line or do I just concentrate and continue training and see how it goes.

I feel like my relatively light weight will limit me from cranking higher watts later in the season.

I know a lot of people would rather loose weight.
Looking for some input here. Thanks.


Maybe with that w/kg you just need to turn to climbing races.
I don’t do MTB but I would have thought you needed some strength to handle the conditions

You say you feel you might lose more weight if you train harder. I must admit whilst weight loss is good I am sure you can be too light.

Why is your power down and how far did you drop off?

After a peak it is natural, and needed, for your body to have a down period to recover. This is also important mentally as well. Where is you power now compared to this time last year? Ideally, you’d be starting from a higher base now than last year and thus able to grow to a higher peak.

Why are you losing weight and what changed from your peak eating/nutrition habits? Are you losing fat or muscle? Packing on muscle is usually not the answer unless you pushing up against your physiological limits, which is rare. Are you fueling enough leading up to your workouts, during your workouts and post ride? Are you logging more hours now than you have been?

The stronger you get, higher FTP, the more calories you burn given the same workout and duration. So if weight loss is not desirable, you’ll need to replace those calories.

Focus on your stem, that seems to help win a lot of races. :wink:

Unless you ride mountain bikes in the woods :grimacing:

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