Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

Only one ride on the new platform and it went perfectly but couldn’t get it running with TR on the second try. Was trying to reproduce same dual app setup as with Zwift. Might give it another try on Sunday. I like their older setup better and don’t like having to run my phone currently.


Really? In that case maybe I haven’t seen that many ‘people’

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Not yet but definitely curious. I think it’s a premium feature, so might wait until my recovery week and get a premium trial

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It is an interesting platform, free, but we feel alone in there since it is not popular. More people need to try it !
Braking in curves changes the dynamic compared to Zwift !

RGT is offering their full version with the Premium features, free to all in light of the current state. No clear statement on how long this will last, but it’s a nice offer and a way to try all the features they offer, at no cost.

To access RGT Cycling for free, download the app and register for the free subscription.
Users can access the Premium features by sending an empty email to from the same email account they used to register for RGT.

(Pulled from their FB post)

:warning: NEWS UPDATE :warning:

We have made the decision to make all features free for all cyclists for the foreseeable future.

  • The decision has been made in response to the developing situation with COVID-19.
  • This is a unique time in the history of our sport. We feel a moral obligation to uphold cycling values.
  • We truly hope that opening up the platform in this way will enable us all to keep riding and enjoying the benefits of cycling.

How to access RGT for free:

  1. Download the app and register for the free subscription
  2. Send an empty email to from the same email account you used to register for RGT
  3. We do the rest

Want to support the movement?

  • As a start-up business, we’re bearing all the costs of this initiative for the good of cyclists worldwide. You can choose to pledge your support by subscribing to the Premium features in the usual way.

Nice gesture.

[Trying not to be cynical and suggest that this is the only way they could break into Zwift’s dominance]

Do you still need 2 devices and 2 apps or can you install both apps on iPad?

2 apps / devices still needed.

Thinking about trying the Magic Road feature by uploading our Wed night worlds route and inviting our local group to give it a whirl.

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Yup, I actually had 2 magic routes loaded months ago, and was waiting to find a time to hit their 14-day trial. I will be using those this weekend, with the new free option.

It’s a generic scene, but supposed to be the GPS converted, so curious to see how it works. :smiley:

This is a great gesture. I wonder how much it will cost them for the extra resource for the backend.

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Just sent the email and got the confirmation. Was going to try premium for the magic road option but just haven’t got around it. :wink:

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we’ve got a pancake flat course, but made more challenging by wicked headwinds and crosswinds. And the tailwind at speed in a group offers no relief - I’ve lived that and finally saw an interesting blog post “Cycling in the Wind” about that over at CTS. I’d like to know if RGT physics engine can recreate that, assuming you can provide wind as an input.

Good question. I don’t remember anything about wind in RGT, but it may well be in there. I have to look the next time I load it up.

Got my upgrade last night (although the email went in my spam so didn’t notice until after this mornings ride).

I’ve only used it a few times so no expert but I don’t think there is anything like this. There is drafting dynamics though so maybe it could get added in.

@mcneese.chad could this be an option for the Covid group ride from a different thread? Its free so everyone could use it rather than Zwift


It sure is an option now. We have to look at how best to use it. I don’t know if there is a “Keep Everyone Together” option like there is in Zwift. But we may be able to use particular routes and even the Magic Roads in group events.

I will fire it up this weekend and start playing with options. Anyone else can help with some testing and research too. Let’s pool some resources and see what we can do. :smiley:


Is there a way to get the RGT ride into TR? I am looking at maybe using it this weekend for a z2 ride, but want to make sure it gets into my TR calendar.

Looks like I need both phone and iPad running to get it to work…

Seems you need to manually download, and then upload to Strava. At that point, your TR to Strava sync should handle the pull into TR.

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Your second link suggests that it can automatically sync to Strava.

Edit: Yes. I haven’t tried it out, but you can set up the app to automatically sync your rides to Strava.

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