Unexpected weight loss

So, I’m currently halfway through Base Mid Volume II and have noticed I am losing weight (approx 4kg since I started Base Mid Volume I).

This is quite unexpected as I have been riding for several years and have slowly reduced my weight from 93kg to a steady 84kg before starting TR and now I’m at 80kg (I’m 191cm)

What is more interesting is I’ve experimented previously with intermittent fasting and low carb high fat diet. However, with the increased intensity experienced with TR I’ve committed to eating and fueling solidly with high quality carbs.

I fully expected to gain weight with this approach but the opposite occurred. Even more happily my power seems to be increasing too.

I can only guess its the increased intensity plus the lower calorie density of the carbs versus fats I was consuming.

Safe to say, I’m a happy TR convert!


If you are feeling good at 80k, then great. But if you keep losing more weight, you might notice a loss in power, and generally not feeling so good.
So maybe you could keep a diary of your calorie intake, and training for a few months to monitor this carefully.
You want to avoid getting into a fuelling deficit.